Hoboken High School Weekly Update

May 19, 2023

Greetings Redwing Families,

Happy Friday! I am happy to report that all testing for NJSLA has been completed, and we are back to our regularly scheduled days. Students did a great job at arriving on time, and putting forth a great effort. I look forward to receiving the results, which I will share with you.

This weekend, our theater department is performing SpongeBob the Musical, and it is sure to be a treat. With over 100 students ranging in age from 5-18 performing, this is a professional show, under the direction of Mr. Kinnear. Please see the flyer below for more information.

Our guidance team has been working with students in grades 9-11 as they are selecting their courses for next year. If you are interested in speaking with your child's counselor please feel free to reach out and set up an appointment time.

Seniors are down to their last 22 days of high school. There are many exciting activities coming up over the next four weeks, especially the prom. All students must be academically eligible to participate in these events.

As the weather gets warmer, I want to remind our families that we do have a uniform policy (attached below), so please review with your child to minimize any consequences due to non-compliance.

All the best,

Ms. Picc

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Hoboken HS - Teen Arts

Hudson county teen arts festival just concluded with the following winners from Hoboken High School.

TOP HONORS: Valeria Garcia Quintero - Oil Pastel
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Congrats to Mr. Stasiak and the Concert Band and Choir

This past weekend the Hoboken High School Concert Band and Choir traveled to Manchester Township High School to compete in the Trills & Thrills Music Festival. They were adjudicated on a rubric of tone, rhythm, balance, blend, and articulation and given a rating based on their performance. Both groups wowed the judges and went home with a "Superior" rating plaque. Afterwards, students feasted and celebrated at Six Flags Great Adventure. The music department looks forward to their concert on May 30th at 7pm.

Greetings from Mr. Perez's Science Classes

Science Explorations

We have just wrapped up learning about past climate change and current climate change using scientific evidence from direct and indirect or proxy indicators. We learned about how El Nino and La Nina events create short term climate disruptions over the United States. Students are currently learning about geology and the magnetic field of the Earth and the many facets of its importance to life on Earth.

Animal Science; Aquaponics/Hydroponics

Students have recently taken soil samples from Columbus Park and are now measuring the amount of phosphorus, nitrate, and potassium levels, including pH of soil horizon level A/topsoil to determine if there is enough of these macromolecules in the soil to promote healthy plant growth. Students are continuing to grow their selected plants and have harvested romaine lettuce, butternut crunch lettuce, red rocket peppers, and sweet peppers, just to name a few. Students have been very proud of what they have grown and continue to grow more plants while the getting is good. Parents of the students have been most pleased with the local classroom farming and what has been brought home to consume.

AP Environmental Science

Wrapping up the 3rd marking period, students have finalized learning about the many types of renewables and nonrenewable and how they are impacting Earth’s biosphere. Each student had to present a google slideshow on a particular energy source, finalizing the material necessary for the AP Environmental Exam. Currently students are creating a very large environmentally friendly Sim City with specific environmental requirements. Can’t wait to see their creative results!

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Rehearsal pictures for SpongeBob

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Mr. Anderson

Math Club:

This week we celebrate the high performers and our performance in the Math League competitions this year. We did extremely well in the county, even though we had very few students participate. Our high scorers were Madison Walia-Peters, Morgan Walia-Peters, and Julia Critz. Amazing job and keep it up! We also discussed the AMC-12 competition for next year.

Algebra I NJSLA sessions:

For the past two weeks we have been meeting every Friday to prepare students for the upcoming NJSLA. During these sessions, students have solved state test problems, interacted with word problems, created anchor charts, and learned test taking skills. The students have worked extremely hard and we hope this translates into higher test scores next week when we start the NJSLA. Students have reported after testing that the sessions helped and made them feel more confident approaching the problems.

Ms. Tank's Mathematicians

Mrs. Tank's Pre-AP Algebra 1 students learned about standard and factored form of quadratic functions. They also learned to identify the y-intercept and solve for x-intercepts. Students in PreAP Algebra 1 also completed a performance task called "Part time Jobs" on College Board. Pre-AP Algebra 2 students reviewed how to identify the coterminal angles in radians and degrees. Students also completed in pairs an activity on "Rotating the crane" on the College Board. By the end of the activity, students learned the three important features of an angle measure- Its magnitude, direction and it can be greater than 360 degrees. Students in Pre-AP Algebra-2 discussed and completed their Do Nows on Desmos on identifying the coterminal angles assigned by the College Board. Mrs. Tank's Pre-Calculus students reviewed how to evaluate slope of a secant of a graph. They also learned that the limit of the slope of the secant is the slope of the tangent of a function. They also learned how to find the derivative of a function using limits. AP Calculus class discussed the 2023 AP College Board exam this week including multiple choice and free response problems from the College Board. They also discussed their mistakes and gave feedback on the same.

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Montclair State University Theatre Night Foxy Awards Nominations

Montclair State University's Foxy Theatre Night Awards recognizes excellence in theatre productions throughout NJ. The awards honor accomplishments of individual achievement of both students and educators in areas of performance, direction, design, technical theatre, and overall outstanding productions.

It provides our NJ Thespians and theatre educators with opportunities to observe and learn from the high standards, extraordinary creativity and risk-taking artistic choices made by outstanding theatre educators and their students.

The awards ceremony was Tuesday May 16th and our Thespians Competition Team (Naomi Cooke, Daniel Weintraub, Arcadio Torres, Anthony Barahona, Lucas Daly, Gabe Rivas, Miguel Cabelin, Kendall McDonough, Mable Blischke-Villavicencio, Alana Rivas, Riddhi Damani, Halie Benway, Lucas Daly, Sihana Alaj, and Shai Warshawsky) won this award.

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Ms. Loughlin

Students in Black History and Culture tackled the tough topic of segregation and racism in post-war America by studying Jackie Robinson. By reading about and watching Robinson's personal struggles, students learned about the vicious hatred and ignorance he and other Blacks faced in the US. Students were amazed and horrified at the open, brazen examples of bigotry which led to meaningful conversations about diversity and acceptance of differences.

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Ms. Weaver’s English II

The students in Ms. Weaver’s English II class finished reading A Raisin in the Sun, written by Lorraine Hansberry, and put their compare/contrast skills to work by noting the similarities and differences between the written play and the 1961 version of the movie. As a result of reading the play, the students learned about institutional racism and discriminatory housing practices. They ended the unit by writing journal responses regarding their reactions to the characters, conflict, and plot of the play.

Ms. Weaver’s English IV

The students in Ms. Weaver’s English IV are currently reading the novel, Speak, by Laurie Halse Anderson. This group of seniors is analyzing Melinda’s character, the symbolism, and conflict in the story. They are making predictions about what happened to her before the school year started which caused her to call the police. They are reliving their memories of freshman year and what it felt like to adjust to high school. At the beginning of this week, they wrote letters of advice to freshmen to help them adjust to the high school setting.

Mandarin Class - Chinese Inventions

With over 5,000 years of history, China has provided the world with some life changing inventions. This week, students researched ancient Chinese inventions and created their own advertisements to sell these products. Just to name a few, students selected inventions such as gunpowder, movable print, toothbrush, tea and noodles.
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Best Buddies

The Best Buddies Annual Friendship Walk was a great success. The sun was shining bright, the music played loud, Jersey Mike's sandwiches filled our hungry bellies, and the carnival games created fun and laughter. BUT, most of all, the FRIENDSHIP WALK made strides in celebrating differences and embracing people with IDD. Every step was a step worth taking and we were happy to do it together.

Hoboken High School Best Buddies Chapter, along with Hoboken Middle School Best Buddies Chapter, walked the path towards inclusion. Mixing and mingling with one another to raise funds and awareness to sustain and expand programs like ours made for a wonderful Sunday.

Meeting author Laura Elizabeth Necci, who recently published her book, Luna the Lion, was a highlight of the day. Luna the Lion is a story that underscores some of the challenges and obstacles that individuals on the autism spectrum may face. Our very own Derek Delgado, Matthew Wilson and Yash Patel took a photo with Ms. Necci and received a copy of her book.

Finally, HHS seniors who participate in Best Buddies, were recognized and provided with purple and white stoles to wear on graduation day. These stoles will display their involvement in Best Buddies and honor the mission of becoming a more inclusive world.

We would like to thank our supporters - parents, district staff, administration, student buddies, Best Buddies staff, and friends and family who donated. We are super grateful to you all.

Enjoy the photos below of the event.

HMS/HHS Spring Concert - May 30th

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Classrooms without Walls - Iceland!

Dear Hoboken High School families,

Exciting news! Your student is invited to join us on a once-in-a-lifetime international travel experience with their peers to Iceland in Summer of 2024!

Educational travel exposes students to new people, places, and cultures, which in turn expands their knowledge of the world and their knowledge of themselves. That’s why I’m thrilled to bring this opportunity to your family and our community.

This trip will fill up fast, so please join our informational meeting to learn:

  • How this opportunity will benefit your child
  • What we’ll see and do on our trip
  • Everything that’s included in this experience
  • How your child can earn academic credit
  • How we’re keeping this safe and affordable
  • How to enroll on this trip (before it fills up!) during EF’s risk-free enrollment period

Our meeting will be held on May 30th at 7:00 pm - there are limited spots available, so don’t miss your opportunity to reserve your seat. One parent or guardian must be in attendance.

So that we can alert you of any changes to this meeting, you must register using this link: https://bit.ly/3nXt1kX

Can’t make the meeting but want more information? Register and select “No but send info.”

Can't wait to see you there!

Geidy De La Rosa & Ilia Cruz.

Welcome to the Student Center

The Hoboken School Based Youth Services Program Student Center’s goal is to provide students with the skills and tools needed to overcome daily challenges, develop a healthy sense of self, and build strong positive relationships with peers, family, school, and community members. We strive daily to promote academic and social emotional wellness while helping students navigate their day to day challenges.

Mental Health Awareness month

May is recognized as Mental Health Awareness Month. Every week we are sharing information, resources, and ways to promote positive mental health. All information shared will be from SAMHSA and NAMI. For more information you may visit their website. This week the focus will be on strategies for managing mental health, such as self-care. What does self-care look like to you?

The focus this week will be on promoting acceptance and compassion surrounding mental illness.

Language matters. We play a part in one another’s mental wellness.

Language matters. The language we use to talk about mental health can either perpetuate prejudice and discrimination or promote acceptance and compassion. When it comes to mental health, words matter. It is up to each of us to be a lifeline, sharing in a commitment to care for ourselves and those around us. When we use open and compassionate language around mental health issues, we empower ourselves and encourage others to find the help they need.

Your mental health is important and seeking support when you need it is vital. Call, chat, or text 988 for free, confidential, judgment-free support 24/7.

Student Voice Survey

Graduation is a couple of weeks away. The Student Center distributed a Student Voice Survey in search of gaining students' interest in staying in touch with the Student Center after graduation for guidance and support. We would love to keep in touch! Please see the Student Center staff to fill out the survey or scan the QR code.

June 9th: Friday Nights at the Nest!

SBYSP is sponsoring Friday Nights at the Nest. This is an opportunity for Hoboken High School Students to connect with other students, sharpen their social skills, and have a safe and secure place to spend their Friday nights. We will have new and exciting activities based on the results of the Student Voice Survey.

For Hoboken High School Students interested in participating in any upcoming scheduled Friday Nights At the Nest Events, sign up using the HHS Student Center QR Code or with a Student Center Team Member. Completing this form is a commitment to attend. If you have three No-Shows without prior notice you will no longer be able to attend.

Participation Instructions:

1. Register in advance

2. Swipe your High School ID

a. Hoboken High School Students Only STRICTLY ENFORCED

3. Enter no later than 7:30 PM

4. Agree to leave at 10:00 PM (no re-entry)

A Note from your Guidance Team

Governor’s STEM Scholars

Guidance hosted an information session for 10th and 11th grade students who might be interested in the Governor's STEM Scholars program. Students who are granted admission will have the opportunity to attend four conferences focusing on government, academia, industry, and a commencement. Additionally, each Scholar gets hands-on research experience and access to some of the state's top research and laboratory facilities and professionals through tours, master classes, and fireside chats.

Community Scholarships

Guidance has been working diligently with seniors on multiple scholarship opportunities available to the Class of 2023. Most recently, 14 of our seniors earned a laptop that will be used for their continuing education next year. This is just one example of the opportunities available to our seniors. The full list of scholarships available can be found by clicking here.

Camp College

Guidance would like to share a resource for rising high school juniors and seniors who may strive to be the first in their family to attend college or are from traditionally under-served populations. Camp College allows students to take part in college admissions discussions and student life workshops, while exploring the opportunities that may await after high school. These options could include two-year colleges, four-year universities, trade schools, or military programs. Spots for this program are limited, so if you are striving to be the first in your family to attend college or are someone that feels they need additional support with the college process then please click here to access the application.


Hoboken High School Weekly Sports Schedule


Congratulations to the Hoboken High School Softball Team, which won in Walk Off fashion Saturday in the county tournament. Trailing 2-0 in the 7th inning. The Redwings came back to tie it. Then in the bottom of the 8th, Gina Cruz got the game winning RBI.

Congratulations to the Hoboken High School Boys Volleyball team in their win over Lincoln High School in two sets in the HCIAL Boys Volleyball tournament opening round game.

Good Luck to Coach Mendez and the outdoor track team as they travel to Secaucus High School to participate in the Varsity HCTCA/ HCIAL outdoor track championships this Saturday at 11 AM!

The Hoboken High School baseball, softball, and boys volleyball teams will start their State Tournament games next week. Good luck to our teams as they prepare for the post season!

Go Redwings!!

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Technology Assistance

This link can help you address some of the frequently asked questions during the first weeks of school, Hoboken Public Schools Parent Tech Site.