Lyon, France

By Solange Luke

Lyon in the Beginning to Now

Lyon France was originally a Roman colony. The role of the city was mainly military but it later converted to a city of politics, economics, and religion. Later, Lyon experienced violent invasions from barbarians and didn't fully recover until about 1079. During the 15th century Lyon supplied the world with their fine silk. Today, Lyon is known for there stunning creations in the kitchen that will make your mouth beg for a taste.

Lyon on a Map

As seen bellow Lyon France is about 4 hours and 45 minutes away from Paris. The main countries that surround France are Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and Spain. France is known for its cuisine and wine and Lyon is known for its fine cuisine, museums, and the Festival of Lights.
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A little taste of Lyon

Fête des lumières

To take a trip to France is one thing but to go to a place of your choice and see the festival of lights would take anyone's breath away. Fête des lumières, or festival of lights, takes place in Lyon France for four days. The festival first took place September 8, 1643 to pay tribute to the virgin Mary and lights symbolize an offering to Mary.

Rest and relax

Okko hotel Lyon Pont Lafayette is a stunning building with a great view of the city. The building is very well kept and the rooms are generally modern. Pets are allowed and free breakfast is included with your stay. Prices range from about $153 to $234 a night depending on the room.
Subtítulos Paul Bocuse
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Lyon Basilique Notre Dame

The stunning architecture will take your breath away. Just a glimpse of the inside of this building will drive you to want to see more. The church was dedicated to the Virgin Mary and the medieval English Saint Thomas Becket.