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October 2021

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Our Brickies had a FUN College GO Week! Check out the video below for lots of great pictures!

College GO! 2021

College GO! Week In The School City Of Hobart!

What a week it was for our Brickies! The knowledge and opportunities they are educated with not only this week, but every week in the School City of Hobart, will help set them on the path to succeed! Whether choosing to pursue a Ph.D., Masters, Bachelors, or Associates degree - it will be needed in many future careers. They are on the path to be doctors, therapists, educators, nurses, Union workers, medical assistants, engineers, social workers, police offices, pro-athletes, veterinarians, and so much more! The School City of Hobart works daily to give students the advantage to work toward their goals and excel in any path they choose to take. College GO! Week emphasized the importance of the route that students would need to be the best they can be and will continue to strive for excellence among our Brickies. Students see their potential - we are here to help!

Naturally, one of the benefits at the School City of Hobart is Hobart University! Every student at every grade level knows about Hobart University and parents should too! This is a FREE program in partnership with Ivy Tech that helps students get a jump start on their future. The best part is that it is not just for those that want to attend a college or university after graduation, but also for those interested in the trades. Yes, you still take college courses while working to be come a Journeyman in the Unions! HU will not only give you that advantage, but also save you money in the long run, because again - it is FREE!! Since 2018, we have had students graduate with college credits, certifications, and even an Associate's Degree simply by taking high school courses with our dual credit teachers. Let's not forget that since this program has started Brickies have saved millions, and we mean millions, in college tuition. Earning degrees while not building up the forever college debt = a big win!!

Read about all the opportunities, talk to your student's counselor, and take advantage of all that the School City of Hobart and Hobart University has to offer by visiting where you will find:

- Hobart High School Career Pathway & Course Description Guide
- Hobart High School Apprenticeship Guide

- Hobart High School Course Videos

- Hobart High School College Planning Guide

- Learn More Indiana's Guide To Student Success

- Career, College, and Dual Credit Information

- Financial Aid Assistance


Finally, check out some of the fun pictures we have from College GO! Week as we celebrate the future of our amazing Brickies! Every student was given a little surprise from Dr. Buffington, a Brickie shirt! They were thrilled to have Brickie gear and proudly wore them on Friday!

2021 HHS Graduate Kelsey Black is considered a Junior at Purdue University thanks to all of the Early College Credit she earned as an HHS Hobart University student!

HU College Go Week
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Parents, make sure that your students are on the right track and eligible for early college!

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Hobart High School's Fall Homecoming!

Homecoming week was an absolute blast at Hobart High School with students participating in themed days, a staff and student basketball game, an amazing pep-rally, parade, and of course the big game with the homecoming court! Every student was high energy, positive, and encouraging - some of the best Brickie spirit we have seen!

The themed days were fun and different this year with students dressing in neon, dressing like their crush, and of course representing the Brickie spirit with their purple and gold! The Powder Puff game on the field was a tough one with it ending in a tied game. Each of the girls from the junior and senior classes did a great job having fun while trying to earn their class some points. Let's not forget about the band that filled the stadium with their tunes and pumped up the crowd, as well as our male cheerleaders who finally had their turn to stand on the sidelines and support their classmates. Students also participated in an amazing basketball game against the staff that was friendly, but intense, with Brickies cheering for their classmates as well as their teachers. The support from every angle was off the charts! Everyone had a great time with the game ending in a close one as the teachers edged out the youthful Brickies with a 44-40 victory. Throughout the week points were given to the different classes depending on their participation which led to the last big event before the game, the pep rally. This moment was inspiring with students on their feet in the bleachers, sitting next to their classmates and screaming out their Brickie pride. They participated in the annual tug-of-war, which also earned them points as well as class cheers led by the cheerleaders. It turned out to be a close friendly competition with the Seniors taking the victory and brick trophy at the end. As always our Pride of Hobart marching band were rocking the music and had everyone on their feet cheering while our cheerleaders took the floor and showed off their amazing skills.Coach Osika took a few minutes to pump up the stands while giving a shout-out to the camaraderie that was witnessed all week. As you looked around the gymnasium, our teachers were beaming to see such school spirit.

This fall's homecoming week was definitely one to remember! It ended with our annual parade downtown that consisted of our administrators, JROTC, marching band, cheerleaders, athletes, clubs, and groups from the schools. It truly was a beautiful time seeing the happiness, spirit, encouragement, and support from everyone. Finally, the big game where the homecoming court was announced and students took their titles.

Amazing job coming together as one and celebrating what we all love - the Brickies.

"Once A Brickie, Always A Brickie!"

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Hobart High School's Marching Band Earns GOLD!

The Pride of Hobart Marching Band earned a GOLD rating at ISSMA festival contest on October 2nd! These Brickie students have been working hard since August, and everyone was thrilled with their performance at ISSMA and every other performance they do! If you have never been to a football game or their weekend performances, they you have missed out. They are amazingly talented in many ways and worker harder than people realize. Keep an eye out for their future performances or hit up a football game, we promise you - you won't be disappointed!! #BrickieUp

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Be Proud to Be a Brickie! Carry the Banner High!

The pride and tradition of being a Brickie is rich! There is such a sense of community in how we rally behind our mission and that oh so famous motto we teach every student to know and do. All My Life I Want to Be a Brickie! Work! Work! Work!

We have so much to celebrate. What are you proud of in the School City of Hobart?

The success of our graduates and how to continue the progress of College and Career dreams tops our list of what we are proud of in the Brickie Nation.

We have a mindset for our students and what we do as educators! We know we have Brickies who have dreams! We are here to make them come true!

Let’s Go Bricks! Be a Brickie! Be Excellent on Purpose!

We want to hear why YOU are proud to be a Brickie!

Click the image below to access the Google form and explain your Brickie Pride!

Or drop us a note or download the card and email it to us and let us know at!

Then visit to read about how others are Proud To Be A Brickie! #BrickieUp #BeExcellentOnPurpose

Congratulations to our 2021 Boys Soccer Conference Champions! Our first NCC title in school history!

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Congratulations to our Lady Brickies!

Sydney Belk has been named to the 2021 Girls Academic All-State Team from the Indiana High School Golf Coaches Association. The Academic All-State team is comprised of the top 15 student-athletes across the state using a formula of SAT/ACT scores and GPA. Morgan Sanchez has been named to the HONORABLE MENTION Academic All-State team for Girls Golf by the Indiana High School Coaches Association. What an amazing accomplishment!
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Upcoming State Test Schedule And Resources

Clicking this link will take you to our web page where you can find what tests your student will be taking, the dates they will take them, and helpful information to prepare them in the best way!

Read all about our school plan on our Brickie Forward page! You can access it by clicking the image above or visiting Here you can find our Top 5, the reminder to report symptoms to our nurses at, the face mask recommendation, as well as the pledge to protect Brickies!

Finally, get our weekly update of COVID positive and quarantine cases in our schools for staff and students every Friday after school lets out. You can access it at

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Join the Battle to End Vaping

This is Quitting is a free and anonymous text messaging program from Truth Initiative designed to help young people quit vaping. The first-of-its-kind quit program incorporates messages from other young people like them who have attempted to, or successfully quit, e-cigarettes. Our messages show the real side of quitting, both the good and the bad, to help young people feel motivated, inspired and supported throughout their quitting process. We also send young people evidence-based tips and strategies to quit and stay quit. This is Quitting is tailored based on age (within 13 to 24 years old) and product usage to give teens and young adults appropriate recommendations about quitting.

To enroll in This is Quitting, teens and young adults text DITCHVAPE to 88709. The first messages they receive will ask for their age and product usage so that they are able to receive relevant messages. Users receive one age-appropriate message per day tailored to their enrollment date or quit date, which can be set and reset via text message.

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Neuroscience and the Brain

This past month students have been learning about the brain and the parts of the brain.

Students have learned specifically about the Cortex or “thinking brain”, Limbic area & the amygdala or the “emotional center” and the Brain Stem which is used for involuntary reactions and survival.

We have related the parts of the brain to the Stoplight Approach to understand that feelings matter and understanding why and how our brain reacts to situations allows each of us to better understand ourselves and others.

A brochure is attached for parents to learn alongside their child/children. As a parent we also experience many emotions each day. As we all learn about our brain, we can learn to respond rather than using quick reactions. Please take a moment to review the attachment. Each part of the brain is described, common reactions are defined as well as adaptations an adult can use to better understand yourself, your child and others.

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United Ways Resource Round Up

Need assistance? The Lake & Porter County United Way are teaming up with this great resource!! Assistance with food, utilities, rent, clothing, mental health, burial, child care, computers, education, dental, domestic violence, & much more!

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Financial Aid Night

Monday, Oct. 18th, 6-7pm

Hobart High School Great Hall

Hobart High School is hosting this event in the Great Hall starting at 6pm. InvestEd will be there to present about the steps to take after the FAFSA has been filed, the verifications process, funding options, and more! You can bring any Financial Aid Offers that your student has received from colleges and InvestEd will review them and answer any questions. You can also bring a device if you need any assistance with checking their FAFSA status or making any changes.

Masks are required and participants will be seated 6 feet apart.

Fall Break!

Friday, Oct. 22nd, 7am to Monday, Oct. 25th, 3pm

School City of Hobart

Take this time to enjoy the changes in the weather, the break from your hard work at school, and to spend time with your family! Game night anyone?

Red Ribbon Week!

Monday, Oct. 25th, 7am to Friday, Oct. 29th, 3pm

School City of Hobart and Nationwide

The entire community can come together during Red Ribbon week to teach kids to develop good habits early in life and get them on the path to succeed!

FAFSA Completion Day!

Tuesday, Nov. 9th, 2-7pm

Hobart High School

Attend the FAFSA Frenzy event with the Learn More Indiana team. They will be presenting information about the FAFSA and financial aid, as well as answering questions from attendees. On November 9th anytime from 2pm - 7pm!
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Published by:

Dr. Peggy Buffington and Sarah Ramos

The School City of Hobart does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, sex, color, national origin, religion, age, sexual orientation, marital status, genetic information, or disability, including limited English proficiency.

Contact us through the directory.

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