Blake's first day at School

By Brooke Bailey


Blake went to buy his pencils at Walmart. A package of 14 pencils costs $2.00 plus tax of 0.50¢. How many packages of pencils can Blake buy with $10.00?
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Cross Country Teams

Blake wanted to run Cross Country next year. He figured out that there are 8 total varsity and JV Cross Country Teams at School for 7th and 8th grade. There are a total of 7 varsity Cross Country runners plus 3 alternatives. On the 4 JV cross country teams, there are 20 people on each team along with 2 backups. Use distributive property to determine the total number of people on the 7th grade cross country teams and 8th grade cross country teams.
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Science Class

Blake went to science class with Mr. Boykin, but, Beaker 1 and Beaker 2 both have leaks. Beaker 1 hold 800mL of water and is leaking at 6mL per minute. Beaker 2 holds 1000mL of water and is leaking at 10mL per minute. How many minutes will it take for both beakers to have the same amount of water?
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Classroom Supplies

Mrs. Bossmann, Blake's math teacher, needs markers for her class. One pack of markers costs $4 plus tax of 0.50¢ . How many packages of markers can Mrs. Bossmann buy with $28.00?
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