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February 2016 Edition

Your Heart is Your Guide

Hearts have so much significance during the month of February. It's American Heart Health Month and February 5th was National Wear Red Day. February also has special significance for me because on February 18, 2011, 9 days after my 50th birthday, I lost my mom to heart disease. So, in this issue, I'll be sharing some important information about heart health. And, of course, Cupid is flitting around with his arrow of love in anticipation of Valentines Day!!! Know that you are loved by so many beings, not just on Valentine's Day, but everyday. So, please take good care of your heart, literally and figuratively. Love it, feel it beat, listen to what it is telling you and heed it's warnings, for your Heart is your Sacred Guide. Sending you love, light & abundant health!

~ Deb

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You CAN Do Anything Your Heart Desires!

Written by Richard Rothenberg

I was exercising on a regular basis but wanted to do more for my physical and mental health. I started taking Tai Kwon Do with my kids to bond with them and have some physical activity together. I started in August and by December had worked my way to a yellow belt.

The instructor told us to pair up with others and try to take them down. The man I paired up with was 3 inches taller and about 25 pounds heavier than I. We put our hands on each other’s shoulders and he threw me right down. I got up to try again. This time on the way down, my body torqued around my left leg. There was a loud pop. I had torn my medial collateral ligament in my knee.

Because exercise was so important to me, I set the goal to get better. It was a difficult time on crutches after the surgery, as well as the many months of physical therapy. I improved and started exercising again. Then my friend at work asked me to run the Marine Marathon with him. My answer was "No way because I have a screw in my knee." He asked me again the following year and I just could not use the surgery as an excuse any longer.

My challenge was to run 26.2 miles (with that screw in my knee). I thought I was in pretty good shape until I started training. Was it difficult. But, my wife and kids were 100% behind me. My goal was to complete the Marine Marathon and give the medal to my daughter.

I ran the Philadelphia half marathon to get ready, and it was a great experience. I went on to complete the Marine Marathon, won the medal and gave it to my daughter, as promised. I ran another half marathon and completed 3 more full marathons (Marine again, in both Philadelphia and New York). Running the New York Marathon through the 5 boroughs was amazing, especially since I am originally from Brooklyn!

I feel great now and my knee injury is an obstacle I have overcome with heart, determination, and a great attitude towards my health! You can do anything your heart desires, too!

Rich Rothenberg is a good friend, health advocate and animal lover. He and his wife Sherri volunteer with Canine Partners for Life, a non-profit organization located in Cochranville, PA, dedicated to training service dogs. He is the proud Papa of Mike, a 24 yr. old Ball Python, and his sweet little birdies, Doodles and Rasta, pictured below with Rich.

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Celebrating Heart Health Month

In honor of my Mom & Heart Health Month, I have created the Happy Hearts Tree of Life Collection. Made with either bright Red Coral or deep, rich Garnets, these Tree of Life Pendants celebrate the heart. $5 from each Happy Heart or Signature Tree of Love pendant sold between now & February 29th will be donated to Go Red for Women! Purchase yours at https://www.etsy.com/shop/RenewalJewelryShop

Heart Health Starts with Eating Healthy

We all know the importance of eating healthy foods to prevent disease. But we also know that sometimes this can be difficult due to our hectic lives. And, let's be frank, during the cold winter months, we want comfort foods, making it a little harder to eat as many raw fruits and veggies as we should. That's what I love about Juice Plus+. You get the benefits of more fruits and vegetables in two little capsules than you could even fit in your tummy in a day! Personally, I've been able to stop taking nasty medicine for Rheumatoid Arthritis, have stopped taking all other supplements & am in abundant health because of JP+! And, it's backed by clinical research. Grow your own food year-round with our awesome Tower Gardens. I love it! Check out our JP+ products and Tower Gardens at:



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Host a Spa Party & Start Your Own Business for Free!

It's so much fun getting the girls together at this time of year to relax & rejuvenate. And, you can use your Hostess Rewards not only to get free products, but also to join my Lemongrass Spa family & have financial freedom! Generate enough in sales, and you could start your business for free! Contact me to schedule your home or online spa party now!
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The Amethyst Girls & Hidden Treasure Petite Faires

Two amazing women, Deb Pietruzska & Ellen Zuby invited me to join forces where we can offer women a relaxing environment where you can discover your own unique hidden treasures. Our goal is to blend self nurturing, empowerment, fun, relaxation, rejuvenation & some shopping for women in a cozy setting. We will be holding these regularly at Serendipity Meadows in the rolling hills of rural Quakertown, PA and also in private homes as invited to do so. Our next Hidden Treasures Petite Faire Open House will be held at Serendipity Meadows on February 28th from 1-4. We will have light refreshments, Angel Card, Past Life & Medical Intuition readings, hand massages, activities where you can express your inner artisan, a petite fashion show featuring Elen & Tuka Fashions & Renewal Jewelry Designs and whimsical handmade brooms. Let me know if you plan on stopping by!

2175 Angstadt Rd., Quakertown, PA 18951

Chronic Inflammatory Disease Support Group Meeting

Date: March 7, 2016

Time: 7:00 - 8:00 PM

Location: Still Kicking

136 Suite B Mill Rd

Cost: Free

I'm starting this group to offer support for those who suffer from some type of chronic inflammatory disorder. Surround yourself with others who understand what it's like to suffer from the effects of diseases like RA, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Lyme Disease, Lupus, etc. This is a place where you can get the support you need, share what's helped you and learn from others. There IS hope and you CAN renew your health. And, it can start here. Join us for the Kick-Off Meeting at Still Kicking on March 7th. See you there!

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