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What does "One School, One Book" mean? You guessed it... everyone at Tamanend will read the same book, Wonder by R. J. Palacio, this summer as one of their two summer reading books. Students will choose their own second book based on personal interest, parent recommendation, and reading ability. If you are looking for suggestions, here is a list of great summer reads.

One School, One Book is one more way we can truly be Together Tamanend!

To learn more about this fantastic book, check out the book trailer!

Why Wonder?

We chose Wonder, by R. J. Palacio because it touches on so many themes and life lessons that we talk about at Tamanend in our classes, assemblies, and Tiger's Eye. We are planing some great school-wide lessons and activities around those themes for the 2013-2014 school year. In fact, we think it is such a great book that we encourage our Tamanend parents and families to read it too.

Watch the video of R. J. Palacio talk about her inspiration for writing Wonder.

How do I get a copy of Wonder?

We have alerted local libraries about our One Book, One School project so that they are prepared. You can buy Wonder at the TMS Book Fair: May 24 - May 30. If you are currently a 6th Grader at Barclay, Jamison and Titus planning on attending Tamanend next year, all three TMS feeder elementary schools have all said they will have Wonder available at their book fairs, too! However, if you decide to buy Wonder at Amazon.com, remember to use this link so that Tamanend receives a percentage back. Thank you!

What does the TMS Staff Say about Wonder?

Mrs. Gamble

Wonder is wonderfully written! The author’s ability to convey the storyline from so many different character perspectives is what makes this book so unique and realistic. The book is so captivating that all ages will enjoy this read!

Mr. Sterner

It was wondrous!

Mrs. Holloway

Wonder is book about kindness, courage, and empathy! So many life lessons are explained and will be understood after reading this book. You will laugh, cry, and shout out loud because you will feel such strong emotions for these characters. I feel that every student, teacher, administrator, and parent will be better off after reading this book!! It truly is WONDERful!!

Miss Roth

I liked Wonder because many life lessons can be learned from it, but it doesn’t hit you over the head screaming, “Learn this lesson!” I also think the main character’s voice reads like a typical middle schooler struggling with the anxieties of middle school. When I finished reading this book, I wanted to re-read it right away to pick up different nuances and details that I had missed the first time. I really enjoyed it!

Mr. McGinty

It is a great book for everyone.

Mrs. Shirey

As a parent of a special needs child, I found Wonder to be quite insightful and thought provoking. It is so challenging as a parent to “let go” and this book was a wonderful example of how parents can let go and know that when a child is faced with adversity, he or she will have the tools they need to embrace and love themselves. After all, we are ALL special and unique in our own way.

Mrs. Kern

I loved Wonder because it presents the same events and situations from so many different perspectives! With all of the various characters, there is at least one that every reader can connect with and relate to.

Mrs. Villa

The book Wonder is a great read because it deals with many challenges people deal with in their lives. Some topics are friendships, empathy, bullying, and acceptance of others' differences. It is definitely a book that makes you think about the choices one makes in their life.

Mrs. McFarland

Wonder is a novel that puts you in the perspective of multiple people, which I love. It also uniquely gets into the minds of bi-standards of bullying and family members of those being bullied. Wonder speaks to the courage, tenacity, and forgiveness of many young people with and without challenges.

Mr. Schmidt

Anyone and Everyone should read this book!

Tamanend Together is...

One School, One Book!