Ignite Passion

July 2014

AVID Conference

Eight teachers from East Lee traveled to Dallas, Texas, at the end of June to participate in an AVID Summer Institute confonference. AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) is a nonprofit, proven college readiness system that helps closes the achievement gap. More than 5,000 educators from across the country participated in the AVID Summer Institute. Cierra Farley, Emily Brown, Jon Scobbie, Yvette Batten, Ashlee Beal, Sharron Williams, Melissa Brewer, Shannon Shuey all learned strategies to improve student engagement, increase graduation rate and close achievement gaps. The AVID team is collaborating in ways to increase AVID school wide. Some suggested strategies have been AVID notebooks, Cornell Notes, and Community service projects embedded into I/E time.

Master Schedule

The master schedule has few changes for the 2014-2015. school year. We will add a small time at the beginning of the schedule for homeroom. Announcements will be made during this time. Class schedules are being put together and will be available by August 1, 2014.

UBD Workshops

Teaching is a means to an end. Having a clear goal helps us educators to focus our planning and guide purposeful action toward the intended results. East Lee Teachers have participated and led UBD Level 1 and 2 workshops. Emily Brown, Aaron Baer, Misty Mowrey, Guadalupe Trabold, Jon Scobbie, Cierra Farley, Melissa Fichtner, Brandi Slease, Tonnette McLeod, Vera Losh, Jennifer Waychoff and Laura Sayaboth developed curriculum that offered a powerful framework for the “Backward Design" concept. Our primary goal as educators is to be the development and deepening our students understanding. East Lee teachers are have shown a great commitment to our students and leading the way in curriculum.


STRIVE will take every Monday during IE time. Every sixth, seventh and eighth grader is assigned an advisor who will serve as a mentor and friend throughout their Middle School experience. Each advisor group consists of one advisor and approximately twelve students. Daily contact between advisors and advisees promotes trust and friendship. Agendas and activities within meeting times vary but include goal setting, portfolio organization, check-ins, thought-provoking conversations, community service projects, and other group-building initiatives.


East Lee Middle School will implementing the Co- Teaching Model for this coming school year. Research shows that collaboration between general and special educators benefits the quality of instruction and supports for students with disabilities. Students without disabilities benefit, too. Co-teachers for the 2014-2015 school year will be Ms. Beal and Ms. McCray, Ms. Jones and Ms. Murphy and Ms. McLeod and Mr. Toth

Professional Learning Communities Gone.... HELLO DATA TEAMS

Data Teams will take place on Tuesdays during planning periods. The Data Team room will be moved next to Carla Bailey's office. Check out the link below to see the structure that Data Teams that will follow for the upcoming school year. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZAQoJkpNoWc

STEM Faces Changes!

Martin Bryant has been to training educators from around the globe this summer on the new cloud based Paxton Patterson Global Learning System. We have had educators from the Philippines, the UK and other places all over the US here in Sanford this summer. Everyone is learning the system which allows teachers to diversify their instruction in so many ways and allow remediation from home or anywhere they can gain access to the internet. This will further our laptop and STEM intiatives here in Lee County and be so good for our students.