Virtual Resume

Gurkanwal Gill

My Smart Goals for 2016

S- I want to achieve a grade of 70% or higher in math because that is my weak subject as I did not have my best mark in the subject and this is the time for me to step up or I will not be able to get in to university and if I want to get in to university I have to put in the work and do well in all my subjects and the one that stops me from reaching my goal is math so that is why I would like to do well in Grade 10 Math.

M- I will get extra help and ask more questions in class so I have a better understanding of what I am doing and to improve my knowledge in Math.

A-I will attend COY if I need to gain help in math and this will help me get the mark I want to achieve in Grade 10 Math. If I do not get the chance to join COY I will ask my peers or even get myself a tutor to help me achieve my goal

R-I always have wanted to do well in Math as I never was a math student but I have improved but am not at the level I want to be at so by following all my goals and if I put in the work I can do well and improve my Math skills for further years because Math is very important for my future and in general math is a must need.

T-I will reach my goal before the end of semester 2 (June 2016)

My Volunteer Goals for 2016

S-I want to volunteer to a Food Bank to help others out and gain experience in communication to help me communicate better with others and by joining a food bank it would be helping me and I would also be helping the ones in need.

M-I will get help by taking my friends to food banks alongside me to get help at the food bank and gain experience with my peers and this would be a good fit for me because I gain experience with my friends alongside me and we all can work as a team and gain experience on how to cooperate as a team.

A-I will attend food banks to gain experience in communicating and helping the ones in need because this will benefit me and help me in the future to get a job I have interest in and I will know at the end of the day I helped people

R-I always have wanted to volunteer at a food bank because people in my family have done so and it would not be right for me not to. I also will gain experience on managing my time on weekends which will be a beneficial in the future for me.

T-I will reach my goal by the start of Grade 11 (September 2016)

Transitions and Change Video

Transition and Change Video

Future Resume

Gurkanwal Gill

20 River Road, Brampton Ontario, L6R 2A0 ||647-123-1234


Objective is to gain experience in Marketing


Specialist,acquisition marketing [Bell Canada]

September 2011 – January 2014

- Marketing Analyst

- Made adverts for Bell

- Campaigned Fibe TV

Specialist, Graphic Designer and Marketing [CIBC]

March 2009 – May 2011

- Graphic designed adverts

- Designed Flyers

- Marketed about Offers on TV


University Of Toronto| 27 King's College Cir, Toronto, ON M5S

January 2004 – April 2008

- Graduated with a 3.5 GPA

- Earned a degree in Marketing

- Graduated with The Leadership Award, and The Spirit Award


- Leadership

- Team Work

- Microsoft Word

- Microsoft Excel

- Microsoft Power Point

- Typing

- Management

- Time Management

- Speak 2 languages fluently (Punjabi & English)

- Communication


Johnathan Ward (Senior Marketing Manager)

Contact Information: 905-143-1209

Earl Swirl (Boss)

Contact Information: 905-098-2373


There would be many challenge in my career but the two that would be the most difficult to overcome would be time management and developing a marketing plan.

My first challenge would be managing my time. Time management is something I am going to need to work on in order to succeed in my job. When managing my time I am going to have to plan ahead of time meaning I am going to need to keep a schedule and follow it until I am used to going on a schedule. This would be a huge factor in helping me manage my time wisely and would help me become a better at my job. Time management can be a hard thing to do for someone like me because I am going to be busy most of my day and have a little free time and a Marketing Specialist is always on call so I am going to need to need to spend a descent amount of hours preparing a schedule in order to get used to it. A schedule is not something I am going to spend minutes on I would want to spend hours because I feel a perfect schedule would get me on track and help me get a routine stuck in my head and I would then have good time management which is something required by any Marketing Specialist. If I can perfect managing my time in a few months I think I will be good in the job of marketing as I can manage my time perfectly and can do anything at any time and have the ability to manage my personal life and my work time

My second challenge would be developing a marketing plan. A marketing plan is something that is necessary for every Marketer to have on hand and is something that is very difficult to do. I am up to any challenge and would want to perfect in developing a marketing plan. The plan requires a marketer to create a blueprint of a company’s marketing idea in a step by step format. This is something many starting marketers struggle with and it would be no different for me. In order for me to do a perfect marketing plan I would need to study the format and the writing styles beforehand and that would increase my knowledge on what a perfect marketing plan looks like. If I study the plan and still have a misunderstanding I can ask anyone at my job or any of my friends that are good at marketing plans for further information and help. If I can perfect a marketing plan and do well in future marketing plans I can have a better chance of getting in some of the bigger companies as I can write on my resume I have some sort experience in developing a marketing plan. I can also have a good skill that many marketers do not have which is perfecting a marketing plan and that is something that can give me an advantage over other people applying in the field of marketing and I can secure myself a really odd job in a really good company.

Therefore these would be the two challenges I would face and in order for me to overcome these challenges I would have to gain the ability of managing my time and any time and be able to do a perfect marketing plan so I have a skill that many marketers struggle in obtaining in such a short time.