The Lake Windsor Times

By: Jason Almas

Meeting to decide what to do about football practice during lighting storms

Thursday, Sep. 7th 1995 at 7:45pm

The Fisher's House

This is a meeting to decide what the football players are going to do during a lighting storm. The principal of the high school Mr. Bridges and Coach Warner will both be there to help make the decision final. Please come and give your opinion about what we should do. Anyone is welcome and all you have to bring is your opinion.

What's up around Tangerine

  • Our brand new football star Erik Fisher has finally arrived in Tangerine.
  • Summer is over and school is back in session
  • The new captain of the soccer team is superstar Gino Deluca.
  • Paul Fisher brother of Erik Fisher has emerged as the soccer team's new goalie
  • Mr. Donnelly and his son, the lighting legends of our community, are putting their house up for sale.
  • Lake Windsor High has surpassed the number of big football players coming out of Tangerine High
  • Football tryouts have begun and it is a fight for the team.
  • The muck fire is still burning strong and it has no sign of stopping anytime soon.
  • Our well beloved football player Mike Costello has passed away after a lighting strike at football practice.(For more see Tragedy Strikes)
  • The principal of Lake Windsor High is planning to hold a special ceremony for the Costellos.

Inside the life of our star football player Erik Fisher and his brother Paul Fisher

Erik and Paul Fisher are two very different people joined together by the same last name. As you may know Erik is our new star kicker for the football team but you may not know that Paul is the goalie for the soccer team. While Erik tries to score points in football Paul is blocking the other team from scoring in soccer. Although they play different sports they still have one thing in common, the love of sports. Erik also tends to get more attention at home with his football career than Paul does with his soccer. Whenever Erik shows up to a conversation about Paul all the attention switches to him and his football career. Paul suddenly becomes a no one when it comes to his brother. In truth though Paul is an amazing goalie but more people just care more about his brother. Paul is also more visually impaired than Erik is. Paul has some trouble seeing things so he has to wear big glasses to help see. Although Paul can't see that well Erik has perfect vision and does not need glasses. Even with Paul being impaired he still makes a very good goalie and is amazing at blocking goals.

Tragedy Strikes

As you may know a recent football player and loved member of the community Mike Costello passed away recently. I am here to tell the people who are wondering what really happened so here it is.

  1. Mike was at football practice standing in the end zone with his hand on the goal post leaning on it during a lightning storm.
  2. Out of no where a huge lightning bolt comes down from the sky and hit the metal of the post.
  3. Then there was a big crack and a flash and Mike was sent flying through the air.
  4. He then landed on the goal line flat on his back.
  5. All of the coaches surrounded him and attempted to resuscitate him with CPR.
  6. Coach Fisher soon dialed 911 and ambulances soon arrived.
  7. Paramedics tried all they could to bring him back but there was no use because he was dead before he even hit the ground.
  8. Joey Costello unfortunately saw the whole thing and for some reason he would not move away until he took Mike's shoes off.
I ask everyone to please give the Costellos their privacy and to help out in any way you can.

MOYA Close-up

Paul and Erik both have a sibling rivalry with each other. The main reason for this is because of Erik's football career. Paul gets mad at Erik because he is always stealing the attention and he is making it all about him Erik acts like he is an only child and that everything is about him. In a conversation that Paul was originally the person being talked about as soon as Erik enters it is all about Erik and football. Paul also has to deal with bullying. He gets bullied because of his huge bottle like glasses. Friends of his brother Erik bully him by calling him eclipse boy and other mean names. He has to deal with this everyday but his true friends go past the big glasses and that is what makes them true friends. Paul also has struggle with being able to play on the soccer team. Paul was recently kicked off of the soccer team for insurance purposes. On the week before school his mom filled out and IEP form and when the insurance got a load of it the team was forced to kick him off or else they would lose their insurance and no one would be able to play. The coach can't do anything about it but Paul is determined to fix it. Paul is really in a tough time but everyday he keeps pushing through.
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