Lost and Found

By Anne Schraff

Book Review by Javonica Gray-Mays

Their's a story behind every smile. They chose to hide behind theirs, but now what will Darcy Wills do when she finds out that there's a chance that her stalker could be her father that abandoned them 5 years ago?

The Wills family were known in the neighborhood for having their family broken apart.Some say that he went off with a younger woman. The daughters told everyone at school that he had the opportunity to work for the federal government as a top secrete spy. The actual story was that Carl Wills, use to be the man of the house, father of Darcy, Jamee & husband to their mother walked out on all of them. The family was pulverized,and were left all alone to handle their unresolved emotions among the now three of them. With grandma's mind being taken over by Alzheimer's the family was growing apart.

Darcy Wills, the oldest sister, full of knowledge, loneliness and misunderstandings,tries her best to play the problem solver of all of the madness. She played the big sister role while her mother repeatedly worked hard, long shifts daily to keep her job as a nurse at the local hospital,It left very little time to notice the challenges that her family was facing. Jamee, her younger sister continuously acted out of anger since her father dismissed the family from his life. She found negative attention from a guy named Bobby Wallace. Bobby, much older than Jamee, had her wrapped around his finger.

While dealing with Jamee's problems, Darcy began getting some of her own. She found a threatening note on her desk at Bluford High School, then noticed that she was being followed to and from school. A silver Toyota was spotted at all of her usual destinations. The final dilemma occurred once Jamee went missing. Darcy found herself stuck between giving up and saving her family. Does the driver of the Toyota have something to do with Jamee's disappearance? With her problems at home getting darker and darker, will her life ever start brightening up?

My personal opinion & recommendations

My opinion is that this book was very realistic. The events that took place in this novel happens in everyday life. In my opinion that's what makes a book worth reading. I recommend that anyone who has faced any kind of challenge with their family take some time out and read this. The way that the author was very detailed with their situation can help you relate it to yours. If your a young reader in middle or high school, that's interested in mystery novels that include a great amount of drama, this is for you. It will impact your decision making skills as a teen in a great way.
Lost and Found Book 1 Chapter 1
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The author Annie Schraff

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