Multiplying and Dividing Decimals

The importance of multiplying and dividing decimals

How do we use multiplying and dividing decimals in the real world?

In the real world you have to use multiplying and dividing decimals to do things like paying bills. If you have more than one bill that is the same price you could multiply the price by the amount of bills you have. You also need to use multiplying decimals when you are shopping. When you are shopping and you have a certain amount of money and you want a certain amount of items that all cost the same price you would need to divide the amount of money you have by the amount of items you want. After dividing the amount of money and the amount of items you want you would get the answer of how much each item will need to cost. You also need to divide decimals when measuring and getting an average.

Rules to Dividing Decimals

When dividing decimals make sure that you divide like normal. Ignore the decimal when you are dividing. Bring all of the numbers down as usual and don't forget to divide the decimal number. When getting your answer make sure that you line your decimals up.

Rules To Multiplying Decimals

When your multiplying decimals multiply as usual and don't line the decimals up. Once you've multiplied the numbers count how many numbers are to the right of each decimal in the problem. Then go to the answer and start at the end of your number. Count the amount of numbers to the right of the decimal in the problem to the left of the end of your answer. Once you have counted insert a decimal.