Pediatric Nurse

By: Caitlin Clementi :)

A crying child with an overbearing flu. A petrified toddler with strange symptoms. A confused infant with an extreme fever. An unlucky teen with cancer. All these incidents require people in the medical field, and because all these people aren't legally adults they may have different diseases than actual adults. This is why we need pediatric doctors, and every good doctor has a great nurse behind him. This is where the career I want to be comes in.

How Would I Get There?

Obviously I would have to attend college, and all other sorts of schooling before it. In college, I would work towards earning a bachelors degree in nursing.

This would take 4 years of schooling in college.

A college I could possibly go to in order to get this degree is New York University.

In The Hospital

Some tasks and responsibilities a nurse has is:

  • Assessing patients
  • Medicating patients
  • Following doctors orders
  • Teaching patients about their disease
  • Providing support for patients
  • Coordinating patient care.

All of this would occur hourly with the exception of certain medications.

I would work in a hospital. The hospital would be clean, busy, and filled with technological devices.

Getting Further Ahead

In order to get an advancement in nursing, I would need to get a masters degree in nursing. Yes, I would need the bachelors degree in order to be hired, but the masters degree will get me an advancement.


Here are the salaries that come from being a pediatric nurse

  • An average salary is $70,000 yearly, $1,346 a week, and $37.39 hourly.
  • The highest career level salary is $273,000 for the Chief Executive of Nursing yearly, $5250 weekly, and $140 hourly.

Some possible benefits are flexibility where you don't have to work 5 days a week, if you have children you can work nights and spend time with them, you can receive holiday pay, there are different options on where you work, tuition reimbursement, and pension.

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Natural Abilities and Personal Values

Some natural abilities needed are patience, orginazation, calmness under pressure, integrity, mathematical skills, and intelligence.

Some personal values required are kindness, caring, and empathy.

All of this information came from a registered pediatric nurse :) I hope you enjoyed my presentation!