Jazmine's bucket list of science

April 23,2015


Skydiving requiters a lot of school work. You know navigation, and when to pull the parachute. But mostly it looks fun. It looks like its feels exciting.


Force of erosion on the land:

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holding s sugar glider in Australia

sugar glider lives in trees in Australia. the trees hold dirt and rocks which slows down erosion. But most of all they are cute.
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snorkeling is fun but most of all its science(I guess). The water carry's away sand AND LITTLE ROCKS and that is physical erosion. But it looks fun.
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when you are snowboarding you are moving snow and sometimes that causes avalanches. avalanches move rocks to different locations.
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largest rope swing in the world

the way this rock got like this is erosion. The winds picked up sand and formed the rock like this.
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