My Somali holidays

My family and ethnic community

Ou tradition

My family came from Africa but I was born in My mom came to America in 2001.

My mom cook very good she learned how to cook from my grandma.We fast for one month which is called Ramadan when that month is over.The last day of Ramadan is always the best!

We have a holiday that is called Eid we wake up 7:00am in the morning and go to masjid at 9:00am.When we came back home we get Eid money.We have a big fest were our relatives come to celebrate Eid with us.After that we go to mall of America or anywhere that we feel like on Eid.And that why Eid is my favorite holiday!


My country

My community is different then other community's because we celebrate differently.we have different cultures,different holidays that what makes my country special to me!