Step Up Day

in 4th grade

Reading Letters from the Current 4th Graders

The 3rd grader began by reading letters that the 4th graders wrote to them. The letters explained everything that the current 4th graders love about their class. The 3rd graders brought their letters home to share with the parents!
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Why 4th Grade at CBA?

Animoto Video

The 3rd graders watched a video all about 4th grade. Once the video was over, the students were able to ask questions about activities we do in 4th grade! They were really excited about Mystery Skype!
Welcome to 4th Grade

Word Clouds

The 3rd graders were really excited to learn about the 1:1 iPads. They used the iPads to create word clouds about 4th grade! The 3rd graders brought the word clouds home to share!

4th Grade is All About Teamwork

Chloe the Lion

The 3rd graders read a story called Chloe the Lion, which is a book about how an author and illustrator need to work together to create a masterpiece. Throughout the story, the author and illustrator argue and the character named Chloe gets frustrated with them. In the end, they learn how to work together.
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Cup Stacking Challenge

The 3rd graders worked in teams of 4 to complete a cup stacking challenge. The students had to make a pyramid with the cups, but they were not able to use their hands. Each groups was given a rubber band with strings tied to it. The students had to work as a team and only touch the string to get the cups to move.

Teamwork Trail Mix

The 3rd graders were given a recipe for teamwork. They made a trail mix of different ingredients for their recipe. The different ingredients all together made a very yummy snack for the 3rd graders to enjoy!
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