4 types of sharks

BY: Logan Wilson

Megladon shark

The megalodon shark is the largest shark in the world ranging from 40-100 FEET. The megalodon had the most powerful of any creature that ever lived. The Megalodon lunched on the blue whale which is the biggest whale in the ocean

Tiger Shark

Tiger sharks can grow from 10-14 feet and weigh about 850-1,400 lb. largest member of the carcharhinidae native to the tropical water of the pacific ocean. they have the tendency to travel into shallow water. tiger sharks are predatory species with ecxcellent hunting skills

Bull shark

bull sharks are around 6-8 feet. 200-500 pounds. can live up to 16 years. live around shallow water. live in tropical populated areas

Great white shark

The great white can grow up to 19-21 feet. they can be found on the coasts of californa to alaska. they grow about 25-30 cm per year. Great whites can detect a little drop of blood 3 miles away and grow almost the size of a bus.