School Uniforms

Are They All They Were Meant to Be?

I dare to agree with having school uniforms. Kids won't have to stress over what to wear. School staff members won't have to worry about inappropriate clothing or violations of the school dress code. It would be easier to find someone who gets lost, wanders away, or falls behind on a field trip. That child could be your child.
School uniforms can prevent violations of the school dress code, and are less costlty ("Manual on School Uniforms," 2016). They can also prevent members of gangs from wearing gang clothes to school ("Manual on School Uniforms," 2016). It is less costly for the parents because all their child(ren) need for school are a few uniforms and a pair of shoes. On top of that, most disadvantaged and financially challenged students can get free uniforms ("Manual on School Uniforms," 2016).
School uniforms help students stay focused. They make it easier for students to concentrate on school work ("Manual on School Uniforms," 2016). The number of discipline problems, as well as the amount of peer pressure students face has reduced thanks to school uniforms ("School Uniforms," 2014). The amount of bad behavior among students has decreased, and the amount of good behavior has increased because of school uniforms ("School Uniforms," 2016). School uniforms also help remove distractions at school ("School Uniforms," 2014).
School uniforms keep students out of harms way. They also reduce the amount of violence, especially between students ("Manual on School Uniforms," 2016). The amount of theft among students has dropped because of school uniforms ("Manual on School Uniforms," 2016). It is easier for students and staff to recognize intruders ("School Uniforms," 2014).
Some people don't think schools should require uniforms. They say school uniforms prevent students form being individuals ("School Uniforms," 2014). School uniforms don't prevent students from being individuals. Students can roll up their sleeves, wear a belt, wear a pin, etc. Clothing isn't what makes everyone different, it's their personality, thoughts, grades, ideas, etc.
I believe schools should require students to wear uniforms. Staff won't have to worry about violations of the school dress code or inappropriate clothing. It would make it easier for teachers, staff, and volunteers to find students who get lost, falls behind or, wanders away on a field trip. Lastly, students won't have to stress over what to wear. Please don't argue with school boards over school uniforms, school boards know what they are doing.


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