Wedding Trends for 2016

Wedding Venue Trends, Wedding Cake Trends

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Top Wedding Trends

Planning the perfect wedding can be a difficult task, but once you get to that perfect day all of your hard work will pay off and it will be a day that you remember for the rest of your life. If you want to incorporate some of the trends for 2016 read this article, here we will discuss the latest and greatest weddings trends for in 2016. Below you will find an array of topics regarding trends from 2016 involving wedding cakes, food, venues, hot color combinations and more.

Make Your Wedding Magical!

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Wedding Menus

We all enjoy different types of food; some like sweet and others spicy… One friend may enjoy fine cuisine, and they have a sophisticated palate. Anther friend may like short ribs, sliders and comfort food. Well, this is always the problem folks run into when it comes to choosing the food. Here are a few ideas to get you started in hopes that everyone at the wedding likes the food.

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Tasting Stations

Tasting Stations allow you to have a whole bunch of sampling stations for little bites and these small bites are often paired with cool specialty drinks, cocktails – even beers and wines.

Seasonal Menu Items

Following along with the seasons, you can also choose different menus with the seasons for example for summer foods lighter fare, for winter foods comfort foods that warm the soul, etc.

- Familiar Dishes From Your Life

- Surely you and your mate have gone to many restaurants you loved together and traveled with each other to other places where you ate exceptional food. Why not reintroduce those dishes into the meal for your friends and family by picking a sort of top 5 menu listing all of your favorite dinners you’ve had together and then having a Chef or a catering Chef prepare those meals for your guests?!?

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Wedding Venue Wish list

When it comes to looking at different wedding venues, you might be under a certain sense of stress to find the perfect fit. Well, if you are looking at trends as well here are a few trends that are super in right now, and they include;

- Big Windows: Floor to ceiling windows add a certain sense of elegance to a ballroom that nothing else can. When it's light outside a lot of natural light will come spilling in and when the sun goes down the big windows will add a certain sense of intimacy and ambiance to the darkness. If you have a garden outside of those windows, they can also bring in the light from outside, inside. According to The Wedding Report, 40% of couples would prefer a venue with big oversized windows than one without. Popular this year!

- Windows With A View: Those windows are beautiful enough, but as mentioned above, an outdoor scene beyond those windows is also popular in 2016. Consider a garden, a beautiful view such as the cityscape in the background, the mountains, rolling hills and more.

- Amazing Architecture: A room is always just a room until you start adding in the different parts of the design. Architecture like domed ceilings and ornate details are also really in right now for 2016, especially when it comes to the ballroom. Architecture can also include elegant doorways, romantic balconies, and even ornate ceilings.

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Wedding Cake Trends

At first, you might think that choosing a wedding cake is a simple process. But, then you realize the details that are available including; flavors, colors, designs, different types of structures like 2, 3, 4 tier wedding cakes, then there are the actual cakes that everyone eats versus one you might have specially made for your husband or wife, add on different icings and you have a lot of overwhelming choices to choose from! Here are a few trends for wedding cakes to help you with some ideas.

- Dessert Tables: The norm is getting one cake, right? But, this year people are walking outside the lines of normalcy and doing different things. One option is to do a dessert table filled with a bunch of smaller cakes, or you could even do petite fours. Then you can fancy up or dress up the table accordingly. This is becoming a huge trend in 2016, and it probably won't die out anytime soon. Another popular option for these cakes is cakes decorated with butter cream icing or cakes decorated with fresh fruits – Royal icing is out!

- 50's Looking Cakes: Another popular trend, blame it on movies like Casablanca the remake, are these timeless and elegant 50s cakes using silver platters, white or antiqued white icing, neutral white colored roses or carnations and a cake topper with the same colors. You might say it’s bland, but it’s really all about simplicity and luxury.

- Rustic Naked Cakes: A naked cake is essentially a cake without any frosting. It’s a real popular thing among people with rustic weddings. You can find quite a few examples on sites like Pinterest, but one idea is a three layer, double wedding cake with blue raspberry jam in the middle and between every tier the top is showered with powdered sugar with the outside (the lip of the cake) being decorated with lilacs and thyme. It's a gorgeous cake, but it’s definitely all about the outdoors, being outside and that rustic charm. The cake topper includes a white flower, some smaller white flowers, and a smaller pine cone for even more of an outdoorsy feel.

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Alternative To Wedding Cakes

If you’ve ever wondered if you HAD to have a traditional cake, even one of the options above, the answer is: No. In fact, not to get super literal but it’s your wedding, why not have what you want? One of the other trends for “cakes” this year are not cakes at all, these are some different cake trends you might want to consider if you don’t wish to use a traditional cake or one of those options above:

- Pudding Cakes: That’s right, pudding cakes are cakes that have pudding inside of them, and they are sliding up to that third-course meal for weddings across the country instead of the traditional cakes. You can also consider other options similar to this like three tiered cheesecakes, layered apple crumble or Raspberry, and Coconut cake. Traditional cakes are still popular, but these alternatives are also becoming more and more popular as well so it’s definitely something to think about!

- Wedding Cake Fakes: If you don’t like cakes in general or anything sweet and you want to do something different, try this trend. A wedding cake fake is not a sweet cake at all. Instead, they are savory treats like tiered pork pie cakes, savory tarts, quiches and more. One of the biggest reasons these might be filling in for traditional cakes is because they help to stretch your budget since quiche and tarts tend to be less expensive than an enormous 4-6 layer cake.

- A Visual Feast: Who doesn’t love macaroons? One way to incorporate macaroons into your cake is by getting a pastry chef to build a tower using different colored macaroons. These colors can be a color combination you love, one you have set for your wedding colors, or it can just be something super simple, yet really elegant for example the bottom two rows can be white, then 3 rows of yellow, three rows of green, and then the top of your cake can include the flowers you chose for your wedding. If you love this idea of a “finger food” cake, you can also consider adding in some cupcakes of various flavors for people that want something different than the macaroons. This is a very different, but very cool idea. Also, macaroons can take a part in your guest gifts as well. Just add a few colorful treats – whatever color you want, to a small clear see through box, and then add colorful ribbons to the outside using some of the wedding color combinations below to tie it all up. Add a little gift tag for each guest as a thank you for coming to your wedding.

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Wedding Color Combinations

Another stressful part of planning any wedding is picking out your colors. Even if they are colors you love, you might be second guessing if they are the right choices for your wedding, if they have accessories, flowers, and furnishings to match those colors, etc. If you need some help with wedding colors or themes here are a few that are also trending this year that you can take a look at:

- Shades Of Blue: Blue comes in all sorts of lovely shades, and you can use those tones for all kinds of things like a table runner with an ornate plate placed on it and silver silverware – silver goes well with light blues. Other options to consider are a cake with multiple layers of blue and blue and white for example the bottom layer can be Tiffany blue fondant with white squares, the next layer can be a white fondant with light blue edible water paints, the next layer can be Tiffany blue, then the next layer can be white with blue water colors and then the topper. Smaller versions include light blue lacy ribbons around the wine/champagne glasses on the tables, light blue name cards on the table or light blue flower vases.

- Rose Shades: Rose shades offer different variances, from light pink to an almost salmon orange-pink, and they can be placed in several different areas of design when it comes to the reception. For example, how about tulle fabric bunched up and laid on the table – it’s a lot like a table runner, but it adds more depth to the table. Another idea is to use rose colored draped curtains around posts and then adding a rose flowered sachet. Or how about painting mason jars a Rose color and then using baby's breath inside the jars.

- Mint Color: Mint might not seem like a bright idea, but it’s actually one of the trending colors and it can be used in an array of areas in the design – and the food. For example for food, you could consider doing petite fours with mint green icing and cupcakes with mint green icing. If you want something a little more drastic consider adding the rose above with mint green on a wedding cake – the cake frosting on all the layers can be mint green, and the flowers can be pink roses. Between each layer can be a row around the cake of rose colored “pearls”.

- Shades Of Purple/Purple and Green: This is about the perfect time for a purple wedding dress if you ever wanted one! Different shades of purple are really in this year including; bold purples, lilac, periwinkle, royal purple and more. Chances are if it’s purple; it will look trendy and lovely for your wedding. A few options to consider; purple flowers for the bride or flower girl. An elegant white cake with various shades of purple flowers going up the sides. Lastly, you can also mix various purples with various greens for a great look. Perhaps the bride can be in purple, and the brides mates can be in green or visa versa. If you don’t like the bride dress idea you can start thinking about flowers, invitations, wedding favors and more.

Hopefully, these ideas got the ball rolling on some things you can use for your wedding or the reception itself. Virtually any of the ideas you use above can be used as a single item or in conjunction with other items on the list considering they are


trends for 2016.