Drawing Fabric

Using Value to Create Folds and Drapery

Value Creates Form

Observing how light makes shadows on 3D forms is important to developing your skill as an artist. Learning to make realistic draping folds in fabric will help you when you are drawing curtains, tablecloths, and the clothing folds on human figures.

Great masters like Leonardo DaVinci made a habit of studying draping fabric and practicing this skill with different mediums. See the photos below and the weblink to view some of DaVinci's studies.

Your Assignment:

Your practice for this week is to draw three sketches of folds in fabric. You can divide up one sketchbook page into 3 sections or use more than one sheet of paper for this exercise.

At least one of these should be done in pencil, you may use pencil, colored pencil or pen for this assignment.

THIS MUST BE FROM DIRECT OBSERVATION. Lay out actual fabric (preferably without a pattern on it), light it and draw it. See the below handout for more detailed information.

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This video is a great tutorial for drawing folds.
How to Draw Wrinkles in Fabric