How To Explode Your Income

with Vick Strizheus

Vick Strizheus – How To Explode Your Income… (Vid 8 of 90)

Vick Strizheus – How To Explode Your Income… (Vid 8 of 90)

Vick is in Miami in this video with Dave and Dave from Empower Network, attending a Elite Mastermind. He reckons that we are going to e blown away with all the new things that will be happening so.

Get In with BIM today as there is a lot of stuff happening.

But Vick shares an idea with us in the video below.

Take this and apply with this idea and you will see major improvements in your business who are applying this strategy

As a marketer, there are hundreds and thousands of people doing the same thing that we are doing. We selling stuff on the internet and of course you want to sell stuff that is good. There is no doubt in my mind that Empower Network and BIM are the best products to promote. Vick, Dave and Dave are the best leaders I have met in the entire industry!

How do you want to make a difference in this industry, what makes you different, what makes it why people want to join you and this is something that Vick has grown his online business. It is an idea, something that you stand for in this community as a marketer and is there is something that you do not stand for in this community. Always try to do something different that other marketers are not doing.

Do not think that you just stand for people to just join your business opportunity and think that you going to be rich tomorrow.

Any body can become successful, if you are open to teach and adapt what you learning you can also build your business to be successful. The most important thing is to treat this as a business and not a hobby. Build your business as a business.

We have an opportunity to earn and be successful, you can create a mind blowing business if you are willing to put in the work and treating your business as a business.

Do you have your own stake? Be clear what they are. For instance, these are my rules and this is what it is. Have your own principles and you will attract people that have the same stake as what you have. Think long term version, what is your long term version, write it down and make it visual to you.

So I hope you enjoyed Vick’s video: How to Explode Your Income ( Video 8 of 90)

Tip of the Day: Build your business as a business. Do not tolerate any negative people! I will not work with them and let people know that you do not tolerate negative people.

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Vick Strizheus - How To Explode Your Income... (Vid 8 of 90)