Mission: Progressing Together

Follow-up: February 7, 2023

Mission Progressing Together February 7, 2023 English

21 Apps Parents Should Know About

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Human Trafficking

Post-COVID Anxiety Informational Presentation

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San Elizario ISD Schools Early Release Schedule

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Questions and Answers Section


  • Thank you very much for bringing issues like these to the District, they help us to be able to help our children, grandchildren and above all to protect them from anything that could cause them danger. As much as personal, mental, physical or sexual.

  • Thank you for these presentations. As parents, we have to give our children confidence and have good communication.

  • One of our grandmothers commented on having conversations with our students and limiting their social media.

  • Shared phone number to contact Missing and Exploited Children 1-877-843-5678


  • When a photo or message is sent to snap chat and deleted, can it be recovered?
    Yes, any message or photo sent in any app can be deleted from your phone, but law enforcement personnel if needed to check something can still retrieve it.

  • At what age can children have social networks?
    It is your responsibility as a parent to decide what age is appropriate for your child to have social media. No agency or school district can make that decision for your child or you as a parent.