My Research Infographic


Plagarism is stealing someones idea and not give credit. It is like downloadind a movie illeagaly

How to gather good information from books or digital sources.

There are plenty of websites to use, and these are just a few.

ebsco host

Mid continent hw help

library of congress

National Archives

How to use keywords in your search

F3 helps you find words. All you have to do is type in the wordyou'r looking for, and it shows you all of the results it can find.

What are credible sources

.edu, .gov, .org are all 99% of the time credible sources. .com is sometimes a credible resource, but not all the time. .com stands for comerrcial so you also might need to pay attention to the ads on there too.


to paraprase, you have to take the sentence and change words, twist words around, but still keep what the author means in the sentence.

How to summarize

To summarize, you have to breifly explain what happened or what was the main idea in a few sentences

How to quote sources

To quote sources you find the author's name, when he/she published it, and the link. If you can't find the author, here is a link to help

just copy and paste the link into the citation machine

You also have to put your quote in quotation marks.