Deciduous Forest Biome

Animals, plants, climate, location, and more information


The deciduous forest has many different species of animals. Some of which are American bald eagle, American black bear, coyote, eastern chipmunk, fat dormouse, European red squirrel, duckbill platypus, least weasel, and whitetail deer are found in deciduous forest biome.


There are many plants are found in deciduous forest. some of which are American beech, carpet moss, common lime, guilder rose, lady fern, northern arrowwood, pecan, shagbark hickory, tawny milksap mushroom, white birch, and white oak.

Climate, location, and other information

Deciduous forest are usually located 23˚ north to 38˚ and usually by an ocean. The average temperature for the summer is 70˚ and the average temperature of a little below freezing.

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