The Boy who Saved Baseball

by: Mitchell H.

Theme: Never give up on something.

Tom at the beginning of story/end

Tom in the beginning of the story he was shy. Tom at the end of the story he became brave. Tom is like me because I was very shy but I am not so much anymore.

Tom grew from being afraid...

Tom grew from bring afraid by learning how to keep trying even if you fail. He change in a positive way. One ex. is that he never gave up right away. Second ex. is that he tried his best.


My most exciting part of the book to me, was when the team won the big game! The book turned out the way I wanted the book to come out to be. Except when Doc died. I felt like I was going the cry.

My hero is...

The person who I consiter to be a hero is Adam. I consiter him a hero becuase he is very, very, nice. He make me happy when I am sad.