Air Polution

by: Kevin Arellano

What is Air polution?

Air pollution is the presence of a substance which has harmful or poisonous effects.
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What causes air polution?

Many different things cause air pollution here are some examples

. burning fossil fuels

.household and farming chemicals

.emissions from industries


impact on eco system

the consequences

.the temperature will go up

.There will be more hot days and less cold days

.There will be ash in the atmosphere which is harmful to your lungs.


There are ways to help the environment like reducing the levels of carbon going into the atmosphere. You can recycle certain objects and reuse them. You can help save energy so that we wont burn as much fossil fuels. Burning fossil fuels is the main issue with polution
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People are used to their lives, every person or mostly all people drive cars, all use electricity and that's burning fossil fuels. People just cant give up driving or using electricity. People also need paper and wood so that where deforestation accurse. What you can do to help is to reduce electricity use and to carpool and importantly to recycle! You don't have to give up the things you do everyday to save the earth.