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6 Word Memoirs

I love the sport of baseball

Ten Utopian Rules

•No taxes

•No murder

•Food water and shelter is provided for everyone with no fee

•no criticism

•there is wifi everywhere you go

•no one is aloud to make a wifi network that is password protected

•you have the right to privacy in every case

•everyone is a VIP

•no unreasonable search and seizures

•you have to be nice to everyone

Cast for 1984 The Movie

Big Brother- Bob Flag

Winston- John Hurt

O'Brien- Richard Burton

Goldstein- John Boswall

Julia- Suzanna Hamilton

Syme- James Walker

New ending to a chapter of 1984

Chapter One Ending: Winston was sitting in a chair writing in his journal. He hears knocking on his door, and he thinks, "How have they already found out about this journal!" He quickly gets rid of the journal and answers the door. The guards come in a put him in handcuffs. The guards quickly find the journal and press charges against Winston for treason. He is to face the death penalty within the next month.

Blog Post- Ideals of Freedom

Freedom in my own words is being able to do things without having laws and people holding you back from it. in 1984 there is no freedom what so ever because big brother has all of the tele screens that he can plug in to at any time and practically stalk you. also if he sees you doing anything wrong he will make you face the consequences. this is possibly the furthest thing away from freedom. freedom is being able to go to the store and buy whatever you want. freedom is being able to say and do whatever you want. freedom is being able to go wherever you want. none of these things are permitted in 1984, and hopefully there is no where in the current world that is anything like that, and if there is a country like that the U.S. Government should fight for the citizens of that country to help them get freedom. last but not least though, freedom is being able to love the people close to you and be able to have a relationship for not the purpose of only reproducing, but also for the pleasure of loving someone.

Comic Strip

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