Gerald Ford

By Joseph An

Ford Enters Office

  • After Nixon resigned in 1974 after being humiliated of his cover-up stories, Ford automatically takes over
  • He pardons Nixon for his scandalous actions, which created suspicion of Ford and Nixon creating a planned out deal
  • Foreign relations established the Helsinki accords with the USSR, which set: boundaries of Eastern Europe, agreements on travel between the two countries, and human rights
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The End of the Vietnam War

  • In early 1975, Northern Vietnam outruns the south and Saigon is taken
  • America was unable to support southern Vietnam, lowering military self-esteem
  • War costed $118 billion and 356,000 casualties
  • Many consider America to have lost the war since they did not contribute much
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Rise in Feminism and Desegregation

  • Title IX- prevented sex discrimination in educational programs
  • Roe vs. Wade case led to the legalization of abortion, more freedom for women
  • The ERA(Equal Rights Amendment) attempted to give gender equality, supported mainly by feminists, but was not passed since it did not get enough states to ratify it
  • The Bakke Case- Allan Bakke argues that the college admission process cannot be based off race and wins
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