how plants make food by: mykenzie todd period 1

plants using energy to make food, to survive.

plants take in radiant energy or energy from the sun, and it is stored in the chloroplasts. the equation for photosynthesis is: 6H20 + 6c02 -light energy and chlorophyll C6H1206 + 602

starting the process

the plant absorbs water through its roots, carbon dioxide is taken into the plant through the stomata and oxygen is realeased as the plants waste product. we breathe the oxygen in and breathe carbon dioxide out. the carbon dioxide that we breathe out is what the plants take in. the glucose is made and the plant can eat. the nutrients inside the plant also help consumers survive. the plant could not survive without sunlight because the sunlight helps the plant make glucose. c02 is the carbon dioxide and 02 is the oxygen.

photosynthesis pictures