Inspire Elementary Weekly Update

August 9, 2019

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The Principal's Corner

School Safety

Recent events remind all of us about the importance of having a quality plan, process and practice in place regarding student safety. All of us at Inspire Elementary work with local responders and receive continuous training to help make sure “our” children are safe at school. Below are just some of our beliefs and practices to remind everyone that safety comes first.

Keeping students safe is the first step in providing high-quality education. When students know that they are safe and feel that they can take a risk without fear of being ridiculed or teased, then higher thinking occurs. Providing a safe environment is more than installing cameras and telling everyone that your kids are safe. At Inspire we plan for, train, and monitor the safety of our students each day with a “thinking forward” mindset.

From the time students are enrolled we begin verifying their safety through our policies. Our Missing Children Policy helps us find lost or missing children. We also take seriously our obligation to safeguard student records and information protected by the Federal Education Records Protection Act.

Inspire Elementary performs monthly fire, tornado, and intruder safety drills with our students. We use electronic doors and a state of the art security system to alarm responders with a school safety response plan to aide us.

Disruptions in the classroom or insubordinate behaviors not only slow instructional growth they pose a real safety challenge for everyone. We teach our students and work with our families to meet the expected Bullying and Harassment prevention standards set forth in our school policy each day. Five Core Habits of Learning are reinforced during scheduled Leadership training with student growth goals reflected as a part of the whole growth plan.

To make all of this possible we have to seek feedback regularly with our parents and students while providing as many ways as needed to communicate our progress. We use Facebook, Twitter, Email, newsletters, surveys, and personal interactions through conferences and daily meetings to share and learn from you what is important for your child’s success. Grades are shared daily through a parent portal using Progressbook and social-emotional progress is shared through Classroom Dojo accounts. No parent should have to guess at when or how their student is receiving the educational services they need and deserve.

Online safety is also monitored and taught through our one-one use of computers to aid in student instruction and learning. Our goal is to teach students to understand the ways to avoid releasing personally identifiable information as they use technology to learn.

Finally, Inspire Charter Schools provide comprehensive training for our staff and partners to ensure that student safety is at the forefront of our work. We use professional days to upgrade our skills to serve your students and provide professional counseling and support services to our students.

Creating a good school requires a safe environment for our learners and teachers. We appreciate the support we get from parents and professional partners to build a plan to ensure that our students are free from troubles that distract them from fulfilling their promise

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