Mrs. Harris' Class News

Week of January 16th

Regions of the United States

In January and February the students will be planning a trip to a region of the United States for their Units of Study. They will each be working with three other students to plan their trip. The students will be responsible for finding the following information for their region:

  • What states are included in their region
  • Landscape
  • Climate
  • Agriculture
  • Ecosystems
  • Natural energy resources
  • Other interesting information

After they have gathered their research they will plan a trip that involves stop at a national park, historical landmark, a museum, and two places of interest that are not theme parks. After they have finished researching they will work as a group to create the layout of their trip on a map using Google My Maps. After they have finished their map they will create a brochure with the details of their trip. Their brochure will include:

  • Region name
  • States in region
  • Brief summary of region
  • Cost per person to visit all of their attractions
  • A day by day itinerary for their trip
  • Research Information

In addition to planning their trip, the students will be learning all fifty states (some students will be learning the capitols) and 14 land forms that are found through out the United States.

Tour the States - Official Music Video
Typing Practice

This is a great way for students to practice great typing habits.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is an interactive platform for the students and I to communicate. Each subject area has their own class that contains assignments to be completed as well as resources for each unit. Google Classroom is widely used in the junior and senior high, so the exposure this year will help with the transition next year.

Language Workshop

In language workshop we have been reading The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, which focuses on WWII. Along with discussing the Holocaust we will be examining Japanese American Internment camps. We will be comparing and contrasting Nazi concentration camps to Japanese American internment camps.

Maternity Leave

As my due date quickly approaches I wanted to let you all know that Mrs. Marrita Taylor will be my substitute on maternity leave. Yesterday she came to visit our classroom so the students could get to know her. She has previously done maternity leaves in the building and is an active community member. As of now my plan is to return after Spring Break. She will have access to my email while I am gone. It would be greatly beneficial if while I am gone any communication could happen via parent and student or through the office. I am not sure how frequently she will check her emails. I will miss each of your students and it will be hard to be away from him or her.

Mrs. Harris

Please feel free to contact me at any time with questions, comments, and/ or concerns.