nuestra clase de español 8

Profe Albrycht

¿Qué hacemos en clase? ~ What are we up to in class?

Our current unit, Shopping (¡Vamos de Compras!), has just begun. We are learning how to identify clothing items in Spanish, as well as stores and how to navigate a shopping trip in Spain. We will have two small projects and will have an open notes quest for this unit. If your student is working diligently in class, they should not need to take any work home.

Due dates:

  • La Ropa Writing Sample (4/7 or 4/8)
  • Pic-Tac-Toe Activities (4/8 or 4/11)
  • El Corte Inglés Webquest (4/8 or 4/11)
  • Mi Pueblo Project (4/19 or 4/20)
  • Quest (4/19 or 4/20)

Un Anuncio Importante ~ An Important Announcement

You have heard by now that Señora Poling has replaced Señora Ackroyd. Señora Poling and I are working very hard together to ensure that ALL 8th grade students are successful throughout the remainder of the year. We are planning lessons together and are asking the students to complete the same work, just as Señora Ackroyd and I did previously.

I apologize for the stress this transition may have caused you and your child...and, we appreciate your support in helping them to stay calm and focused on their studies. At this point, I am no longer grading and/or assessing Señora Ackroyd's former students, as Señora Poling has taken that task over. Please refer all questions and concerns to Señora Poling via email at .

Thank you, again, for all of your support and understanding!

Las Estrellas de Profe Albrycht ~ 85% y más

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Please remember, that you were assigned this Rosetta Stone total over 2 weeks ago...don't leave it until the last minute! It is an excellent review of old vocabulary plus a great introduction to new vocabulary. Your grade will improve, but more importantly, so will your confidence!

El Examen Final

At the conclusion of the 8th grade school year (Monday, June 20th), students will be taking the FLACS Exam in Spanish. This exam will count as 20% of their final average. The students will be responsible for all aspects of communication in Spanish including speaking, listening, reading and writing.

The SPEAKING PORTION will begin on May 23rd and will end on June 13th...all students will have a scheduled date and time. PLEASE remind them to keep practicing their vocabulary 10 minutes per night!

In order to satisfy the High School graduation requirement of one credit in foreign language study, students must take and receive a grade of 65 or higher on the examination.

No graduation credit will be given if the student fails the examination.

Profe Albrycht

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.