Go Ask Alice

By: Anonymous


Anonymous or Alice is a fifteen year old girl who moves because of her father’s job. Alice is introduced to drugs at a party over the summer and soon after, Alice finds herself getting addicted. A couple months later school starts back up and Alice starts hanging out with the stoners. Alice meets a girl named Chris who has similar issues with family and drug usage. They decided it would be best to drop out of highschool and run away to San Francisco. The girls struggle to make enough money. They start their own shop and run it for a while, but then decide to go back home. Alice comes home and is welcomed by her parents. She stays clean for about a month but is eventually brought back into drugs. She is caught by the police smoking pot and her parents get really strict. Alice runs away again but this time to Denver. She doesn't bring any money, food, or clothing items and lives on the streets. Alice doesn't care about anything else but being free and using what she pleases.
Go Ask Alice 1973