polish immigrants

learn all of the polish facts and immigrants

who are the polish immigrants?

the polish immigrants were thousandths and thousandths of people that came to the US

in the early 1900 they came over for many reasons the most big one was for the holocaust and ALL Jewish didn't want to be in it so they tried to go the the US in Poland they had no jobs because of the Germans invading and destroying all things

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the holocaust. (I could not put a picture because it was to violent)

The holocaust is a really bad thing it is a place were Jewish people in Europe were token as slaves mostly in Poland the were all kilt in a very harmful way some Tried to escape but most died they had very little food like a peace of bred a week or two.

they came over in the early 1800 and 1900 to live a better life

where they came from

  • Bydgoszcz
  • Warsaw
  • Biaiystok
  • Worchaw
these were some places they came from