Timothy Echavarria

Brief Summary

Butter is a 423 - pound high school student who is in love with his instrument, he plays the saxophone. His teacher for music is like one of his best friends, at school. Anyways he's been teased and bullied well since he put on the weight. He became overweight at a young age because of well eating, he just didn't stop. He was sent to fat camp to help him but all he did was make friends there. He will soon start to think he isn't very happy so he decides to say he'll do a live stream of him eating his last meal. When he said this he was confronted by the jocks (popular people) and then they wanted to become friends all of a sudden.

List of Characters

  • Butter
  • Anna
  • Mom
  • Dad
  • Professor Dunn
  • Dr. Bean

Character Analysis for Butter

Trait 1: Loner

Evidence: He sits alone at lunch like everyday and when he's at home he'll be alone in his room eating and playing his sax.

Trait 2: Nervous wreck

Evidence: He gets nervous when talking to his crush and even when people stare at him in the hallway.


Don't let others hurt you with their comments and bad intentions, just forget about them and pay attention to your life goals and go towards that and push through, go over the obstacles such as Butter's bullies.

Important event

Butter one day was at a restaurant when he was confronted by people in a mustang, they got out the car and headed towards him. They then started to pick on him and put him to the ground, then they literally said to eat a stick of butter in front of them. Of course he refused at first but then he had to, he then ate it as others watched in disgust.


For teenagers in high school who like a good comedy but also a good suspenseful type of book I would recommend this. Its about well high school students point of view in a way because of the teasing and bullying.