Benjamin Franklin

By Fallon Judd and Rachel Cage


Ben was one of the founding fathers of the United States. He was a politician, scientist, inventor, states man and diplomat. He was a major figure in the American enlightenment.


  • Cause: Benjamin Franklin was attempting to be a printer and failed so he ended up on a ship to Philadelphia. While he was there he got hired a assistant printer and over time realized he was better than his master.
  • Characteristics: he invented the first American instrument. It is known as the glass harmonica. It is a instrument that uses series of glass bulbs to produce musical tones. He also made the pros and cons list that is still used today. Benjamin was involved with the drafting of the us constitution.
  • Significance: If he never drafted the us constitution and the declaration of independence our country still might be under English ruling. Our society most likely wouldn't be how it is today,