Tiananmen Square

By: Corben Jones

Background info

Hu Yaobang's death had started a gathering of people mourning his death but it turned into a riot. Around a million people attended this gathering before it turned into a riot but the amount grew until the army had come into the square. The people called this gathering a "student-led hunger strike".

Information about the protest

in April of 1989 Hu Yaobang died that was when the "gathering" started. The people then began chanting hoping that the government officials could hear them and were chanting, the people were wanting more democracy and less government corruption. More than 1000 may have been killed and many many more were wounded. The government began to get fed up with all of the people chanting and protesting so the government ordered troops to fire at the crowd to try to scare some of the people away.

Effects of the protest

following the protest and the shootings of thousands of people the government stated that the shootings were only in self defense and anything on the web that would give away the date of the massacre. Even Taylor Swift was banned from China at the time and could not perform her newest track named T.S. 1989 because the government thought that people could take T.S. as Tiananmen Square and it happened in 1989 so this shows how serious the government was on trying to keep Tiananmen Square a secret.

Answer the assessment question

The people stayed there while many sometimes right next to them died. The population grew until the army and soldiers shot the civilians until everyone had died. These people stood up for there rights and wanted more freedom. China censored everything that had to do with this to keep the people that didn't know about this protest a secret.