Chinese Inventions:paper

Tomas Nisha

Chinese paper


Paper was invented by Cai Lun or Ts'ai lun in 105 AD, which was one of the four great inventions by the Chinese. Cai Lun not only greatly improved the papermaking technique, but also made it possible to use a variety of materials, such as tree bark, hemp, rags, etc. The earliest paper discovered in Fufeng County, Shaanxi, was made from hemp during the Western Han (206 BC - 24 AD).

Bamboo paper was produced in the Tang Dynasty (608 - 907). Xuan paper made in Jing County, Anhui, is probably the best-known paper, which is mainly used in Chinese painting and calligraphy. Xuan paper is soft, smooth, white, absorbent and very durable.

How did chinese paper help china

It helped them write scrolls and was way more easier to express their art easliy and was more unique. It also was smooth and a lot more durable + more asborent then real paper so people could use water on it to mix colors on the paper and it would not tear apart like our paper so it it basically changed the chinese culture and China is known for art with that paper. For example here are some pictures of differnt types of chinese paper


Some people say It was Cai lun who made the paper in 105 AD but other people say say it was Ts'ai Lun in 105 AD. Whether it was Ts'ai Lun or Cai lun they are both related. So whoever made it this paper is a great piece of chinese culture. Now we will see how it is made in this video. Skip to 8:10 for paper making.
Inventions from Ancient China ~ Paper Making Technique
Skip to 8:10 for actual paper making.
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This how paper making all started. I hope you enjoyed !!!