2015: A Year in Review

A marketing summary of 2015

Five Biggest Stories

1. US Supreme Court Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage

More and more states were beginning to legalize gay marriage, climbing up to 37 accepting states in late June. But on the 26th, the Supreme Court made a big leap by making same-sex marriage legal in all 50 states. With a 5-4 vote, this decision made American history and left many rejoicing (and others cringing).

2. Bill Cosby Controversy

Bill Cosby's name began dominating headlines when several women, including celebrities, began stepping forward with sexual predatory allegations. The women accuse Cosby of sexual misconduct; some claim to have been drugged by him. The Daily News went as far as calling him "America's Rapist" on the front page of their July 27th edition.
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3. Paris Attacks

On the night of Friday, November 13th, a concert hall, stadium, and several restaurants and bars in Paris, France were hit by gunmen and suicide bombers. France's president described it as an "attack of war" by ISIS. It's estimated that 130 people were killed, and hundreds were wounded.

4. Death by Police Officers

Although represented in the media in previous years, news of police officers unnecessarily killing citizens came out non-stop in 2015. These attacks brought up the concern of police corruption and racism, as many cases showed a white police man hurting or even killing a black man or woman. Much of the public agrees that police officers should be required to wear video cameras in order to determine what actually occurred in incidents of brutality.

In the investigation of police brutality cases of 2015, it was found that the victim often didn't have a weapon and showed no defiant behavior. The political cartoon below illustrates the scenario described along with allegations of police corruption and racism.

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5. On-Air Shooting on Virginia News Channel

In the early hours of August 26th, 2015, Alison Parker and Adam Ward, were conducting an interview broadcast on WDBJ, a CBS affiliate stationed in Roanoke, Virginia. In the middle of the segment, the two were unexpectedly shot by a former coworker. The incident shocked the public, as these events don't make it onto live air much of the time. Unfortunately, Parker and Ward died at the scene, with Ward's camera falling to the ground just in time to see a brief glimpse of the killer holding a gun.

The Two Best-Marketed Companies


Maintaining its reputation as a technology giant, Apple successfully released several successful products this past year. The company stuck with their slick product look, and delivered several new products that were almost instantly popular with the public. The biggest innovation, the Apple Watch, was featured in many TV and internet advertisements. In October, they reported a record in fourth quarter financial results.
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With the release of several new phones, laptops, and tablets, Microsoft saw success more comparable to Apple than ever. Their revolutionary product, the Surface Pro, was released in its fourth generation in October. This two-in-one combination of a laptop and a tablet has not been tackled by Apple, although attachable keyboards are available for iPads. The company even created a competitor to the Apple Watch, the Microsoft Band. Some even express that Microsoft's product is better than Apple.
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Technology's Best and Worst

Best: Smart Watches

As mentioned above, Apple, Microsoft, and other competitive tech moguls successfully introduced smart watches to the general public. The popular products grew massively popular, despite some of the public questioning why one would use a watch for anything other than checking the time.
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Best: 3D Printers

Seen as an impossibility to many for a very long time, technology and medicine were revolutionized by the introduction of 3D Printers. The complex invention can print anything from toy cars to an artificial bone customized for a specific patient.
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Worst: Google Glass

Despite releasing several successful products in 2015, Microsoft's biggest blunder was probably the renovation of the Google Glass. Originally released in 2013, a former Apple employee was brought on board to redesign the Google Glass in February 2015. It was discovered that Google was able to access personal information past advertising purposes, such as account passwords and what the user clicks on.
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Worst: Logbar Ring

Considering this product was kick started with 1 million dollars, it's disappointing to see that the product has received a lot of negative reception. The wearable ring is meant to be able to control things like your texts and home appliances. Sadly, the over-sized ring works only 5-10% of the time according to a YouTube product review channel.
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Top Two Movies

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2

The conclusion to the well-known series, The Hunger Games, premiered in late 2015. The satisfying ending was given multiple tv and internet commercials, increasing the hype among long-time fans of the series.
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Inside Out

Adding to a long list of successful animated movies, Disney-Pixar animation released this hit movie in summer of 2015. Airing commercials on kid, and family networks and having the Disney-Pixar brand at the advertising forefront, the emotional movie instantly became popular in the box office.
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Top Two Musical Artists

Taylor Swift

Although popular in previous years, Taylor Swift shot to wider fame when five of her songs climbed far up the charts in this past year. Additionally, she served as a fashion icon and has many young girls looking up to her.
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Another artist popular in past years, Adele's newest album, "25", came with massive success. Her song "Hello" hit number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 just before the close of the year, making her mark on the year.
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Five Influential Public Figures

1. Kerry Washington

At the 2015 GLAAD Awards, Kerry Washington gave a well-put-together speech about being a woman of minority. Her empowering speech embraces individuality and explains that no one is part of one minority; the world is made of many minorities, and everyone matter regardless of what "group" they fit into.
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2. Pope Francis

Along with his recent visit to the United States, Pope Francis gives a fresh attitude that hasn't been matched by previous popes, or at least that's the opinion of many. Although admittedly against same-sex marriage, Pope Francis has stated that he will not judge others on their sexuality, but rather their faith. To the LGBTQ community, this is a big step in changing the public's view.

3. Caitlyn Jenner

Coming out in 2015 as a transgender woman, Caitlyn Jenner, formerly known as Bruce Jenner, bravely transitioned in the spotlight. Unveiling her new, confident self on the cover of Vanity Affair, Jenner became an advocate for the LGBTQ community, and serves as another public transgender figure, another being Laverne Cox.
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4. Donald Trump

Although many hate to admit it, Trump has certainly made an impact in the past year. This billionaire-turned-politician has brought attention to a community of anti-Muslims, anti-refugees, and many other groups. With these groups previously receiving little media attention, Trump has brought their views to the forefront, changing American citizens' views of their own country's morals.

5. Madeline Stuart

Ending on a positive note, Madeline Stuart is an 18-year-old Australian who rose to fame when her Facebook and Instagram accounts went viral. The up-and-coming model has Downs Syndrome, and she is a prime example of how anyone can overcome a disability. She even got the amazing opportunity to walk in a fashion show at New York Fashion Week.
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Personal New Year's Resolutions

Personal Improvement

Since completing my PE requirements in June, I figured I would get into the habit of exercising on the equipment in my basement. So far, it hasn't happened. With the start of the new year, I might as well get myself into the habit.

Family and Friends

Pretty much all my friends and family know that I'm very passive aggressive, but that doesn't excuse me from the behavior. Even if my peers know I'm joking and not meaning to hurt anyone, they don't always appreciate my delivery. This year, I hope to decrease my passive aggression in order to make my communication more clear and inviting.

School and the Outside World

As a generally anxious person, I tend to get too worked up about things I shouldn't be. My stress level has been pretty low so far during this school year, so I'd really like to keep that up. Life is a lot better when I'm not stressed out, especially when I'm not focusing so much on the little things.