Welcome to Hogwarts

School Of Witchcraft And Wizardy

Hello and welcome to Hogwarts for the first time in forever Hogwarts has made a brochure to go with your supply list and Acception letter. Here on the brochure we have listed some people at Hogwarts places and classes/professors at Hogwarts.

From: Professer Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts

The Great Hall

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QUIDDITCH PITCH: Is where you get to watch different teams like Slytherin and Griffindor play Quidditch. Last year Harry Potter was a first year seeker and caught the golden snitch with his mouth.
GRIFFINDOR HOUSE: The Griffindor House is one of the 4 houses at Hogwarts the sorting hat determines what house you are in every year the house with the most points wins the house cup. Last year Griffindor won the house cup.


CHARMS WITH PROFESSOR FLITWHICK: professor Flitwhick is a small wizard who has to stand on a small pile of books to reach his desk you learn charms like how to make items float is "vegardio Leviosa"
POTIONS WITH PROFESSOR SNAPE: The potions class takes place in a dungeon he is strict and demanding and expects you to do everything he says and know everything about potions.


HARRY POTTER: Harry Potter is going to be a 2nd year student at Hogwarts he played as a seeker when he was a first year he also defeated Voldemort. "I love Hogwarts and loved getting the opportunity to come here I was very surprised when I got to be a seeker when I was a first year".
HAGRID: Hagrid,is a very kind he is the keeper of keys and lives in the forbidden forest loves to have a cup of tea with company at his hut. "I like living in the forbidden forest and had a Norwegian dragon named Norbet.