Letter from Montag

(Actually made by Reem Hassan)

Dear citizens of 2016

I'm Guy montag. Just another average Jo. Only I don't spend time with my "family" and I go against the law. But this is for good reason. Our society is just a simple culmination of lazy children who desire fun, and I very much hope that it's changed. In our society, we have children who kill each other, for fun even. We have adults who roam around the streets with no purpose. We have laws that go against logic, for the satisfaction of certain people. And worst of all. Literature is illegal. knowledge, information, the will to learn and discover, is dulled and dimmed in our society. But in 2016, people think logically for once. They actually work, and they have purpose in life. They love a little more. It's amazing. Specific changes like, the fact that you can read books, the new cars that aren't as old as ours (they don't even have to go fast! you can actually have a conversation for once...) Hand held phones that have "touch screens" ( It's also like a little tv! it's really convenient!) And the fact that kids actually learn things in school (that's new). But please, If you want the world to stay this way, I urge you, read, draw, make, music, anything. Just create from your true heart's desire. Fill your life with purpose. Make your purpose something that will impact the world, and become extraordinary. If you want true happiness, you need to go past the limits and become an impact, while wanting to do so. As long as everyone feels this way, the world will not succumb to the society we have adopted.

My name is Guy Montag

I'm here to make an impact

you should too.

-Sincerely, Guy Montag

*drops mic*