By: Micaela Daparteira


In our Portuguese and American house we enjoy a lot of Portages desserts. Pasties de Nata which is little pastry bowl with homemade pudding inside. This is my very favorite dessert. We also enjoy Rice Pudding (which is made with rice, eggs, sugar, milk and vanilla extract.) in Portugal they eat a lot of fish dishes. i don't like fish at all. So I eat all American foods like Pizza, Nachos, Steak and Pastas. When we have Fetuccini for dinner I make this dish for the family. My Mom taught me how to make it and everyone in my family says I make it better than my Mom.


My family is Catholic! We believe in the Holy Trinity. We belong to Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church in Keller, Texas.

We celebrate Christmas (birth of Jesus) and Portugal day. Portugal Day is like 4th of July. My birthday is actually on Portugal Day, June 10.

View of Time

My family always has a schedule. My Mom and Dad both work, so we try pretty hard to keep to strict schedule. My family is usually a few minutes early for things. Unless there is a train we will most likely be late.


I live with my Mom, Dad, and my younger sister SeAnna. I have only one living grandparent, we call her Nana. She is my Moms, Mom. I have eight aunts and eight uncles. I also have 14 cousins. All my family live in different States and Countries so we don't see them much. I am responsible to do good in school and to be helpful around the house! My Mom and Dad are both the leaders or descion makers for my family.

What do we do for fun?

We love to Travel together. We enjoy beach resorts the most! My family also enjoys horseback riding, bowling, swimming, church and cooking together. We also enjoy getting together with friends and watching funny movies in our theater.

Social Relationships

We like everyone for who they are. My Mom and Dad taught me that it is very important to treat everyone the way you would want to be treated. My mom is the one that is so funny. She is always there when you need a laugh! My dad is the smart one! My sister SeAnna is both smart and funny like my Mom and Dad. I am the crazy, funny, smart and kind one!


Q:Who decides whats important in our family?

A: We all do. My parents feel that its important for my sister and I to have a voice in important decisions regarding our family.

Q:What are beliefs that effect our every day lifes?

A: Our family believes that honesty, no matter how bad the situation is the most valued belief. We also believe that treating people with respect and kindness is VERY important too.

Q:Whats important in our family?

A:Its important that we spend time together. We enjoy going to church, swimming, video games, walking cooking, movies and going out to dinner. Every Saturday night we go out to dinner. My favorite time with my family is going to hibachi.