Welcome to Miss Smith's Classroom!

Weekly Newsletter

Welcome Back To School!

I am so excited to have your students in my class this year! Each week, I send out a newsletter with information for parents. This week, I wanted to introduce myself and the structure of our classroom for this year.

Morning Procedures

Greeting students at the door every morning is something that is very important to me! After that students will be aware of the consistent morning procedures. Students will be expected to hang up their belongings in their designated space, make their lunch choice, and immediately sit down and begin on the bellwork that will be available to them every morning. After everyone is settled, we will have a morning meeting to start they day.


Students will be expected to follow the rules of the classroom. These rules are simple.

1. Be respectful

2. Be prepared

3. Be a hard worker

4. Be responsible

Consequences and Rewards

There will be a very clear incentive and reward system in place in my classroom. Students will have start out with 5 points every day as displayed on the top of their desk. Throughout the day, they will earn points for positive behavior and lose points for negative behavior. The students points will be recorded everyday and sent home weekly. At the end of the week, students with more than 30 total points will receive a prize. Students will less than 15 points will have a conference with me where we will establish a plan to improve their behavior.

Afternoon Procedures

At the end of the day, students will wait at their desk as I hand out their take home folder for the day, When addressed, students will be asked to get their belongings and line up at the door according to their method of transportation home.