Welcome to Math7!

Montevideo Middle School

Contact information

Ms. Katie Sisson Room 216


289-3401 between 8-9:30 or after 3:30

Important Information!


Tests 40% Quizzes 30%

Classwork/Participation 20% Homework 10%

Grades may be accessed using Power School. Please note that late work will result in a zero until submitted, at which point the grade will be changed.


Homework should be expected everyday except test days. Assignments should be recorded in student planners and may be downloaded from the homework hotline on the school website. Late homework will be accepted with a 10 point deduction for each late day. Every effort should be made to complete all problems using class notes and examples. Calculators should not be used unless given permission.


When a student is absent, work should be made up within the same number of days absent. It is the student's responsibility to turn in missed work and make arrangements to make up any tests or quizzes. Homework may be obtained from the homework hotline or from the "pick up" box in the classroom upon return. Parents may request assignments to pick up after 3:30.

Helpful Hints

1. Use your binder to stay organized! Don’t be a stuffer! Put all notes/examples, classwork, etc. in the proper section. This way you can find what you need to help when you forget what we did in class!

2. Please, please, please ask questions! I want to help you BEFORE you get too confused and flustered and overwhelmed.

3. Help each other as we are learning (this is good teamwork!), but NOT during tests. Helping does not mean giving answers, it means guiding your classmate so they can come up with the answer on their own. Then you can compare!

4. ALWAYS show your work. Even when you are using a calculator, you need to write down the steps you used to solve a problem. You will make fewer silly mistakes this way!

5. It just makes sense to use a pencil, but I don't usually fuss about pen.

6. Please do not stress!! I am here to help you and as long as you are putting forth your best effort, we will find a way together to be successful!

7. If you need additional help, please come see me. I will be happy to help you during lab, before or after school.