Health promo for magazine Healthy People 2020 and their goal

The SPS Promotion

The Springfield public district has decided to promote Healthy people 2020 and their goals to fight obesity and make healthy living apart of an everyday lifestyle.
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The four goals

1. Promote the best possible health to prevent death, injury, or illness.
2.Eliminate health disparities
3.Make wellness of life and enhance quality of life and living
4.Promote healthy places and environments.
Together we can do this!! According to Healthy People 2020, the obesity population in teens in the past few years has increased by ten percent!! To stop this growing and to change the rate of obesity Healthy people 2020, and SPS together are going to help people become more health literate and provide basics as to where to find health information, decide if this information is correct, accessing health treatment, and the knowledge on how to use medicine properly. Together we can wipe obesity off the planet!!!!!