Multiplying Polynomials

Grace North


Term- each individual part of an expression or an equation, separated by +'s or -'s

Polynomial- an expression consisting with variables and only includes multiplication, subtraction, and addition

Multiplying Polynomials- multiplying two polynomial expressions together

How are Polynomials Ordered?

Polynomials are ordered based on there degree. The highest degree goes first and the lowest go last.
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Box Method

1. Draw a box and write polynomials across the top and side aligned to where each term is on top of or beside a box.

2. Multiply as if its a multiplication chart.

3.Combine like terms

Why does it work?

The box method works because you are multiplying each term together and you can simplify to get the correct answer. The box method is a visual representation so you can see exactly what you need to multiply together.