ZamZam Knowledge Academy

April Pre School Newsletter

Our theme this month is "Creepy, Crawly,Things."

Spiders, Caterpillars, Bees, and Butterflies have invaded ZKM's clsassrooms' this month. Our study of bugs and insects has begun. So far we have taken nature walks to identify, sort, and count what we see in our garden. Reading about Bugs and Insects has been a big hit especially with the boys in the class. Upcoming activities include: play dough bugs, sort the butterflies, and name caterpillars. Each child is looking forward to taking home his/her pet bug. Parents I hope you are ready for a new family member!

Our March Curriculum also focus on:

Colors- Blue and Green
Letters- “Bb”, “Cc”, “Ii”, and “Ss”
Numbers- 9, 19
Shape- triangle
Vocabulary- insect, bug, entomolgist
Character Education- generosity

Did You Know?

A person who studies bugs and insects for a living is called an entomologist. Entomologists may look at insect behavior, their eating habits, and/or the ways in which insects interact with other animals. Some entomologists also study about the evolution of insects.

Five Little Flies Fingerplay

Five little flies buzzing through a hive,
One snuck some honey, and took a deep dive.
Four little flies buzzing through a door,
One slipped and fell, Crash! on the floor.
Three little flies buzzing through the trees,
One bumped the bark and bloodied his knees.
Two little flies buzzing through a shoe,
One held his nose and said, PEE YOO!
One little fly buzzing through a bun,
The swatter goes SPLAT! Now there are none.

for more fun songs go to:

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Some of our favorite books this month

Upcoming Events/ Parent Reminders

Permission Slips for the class trip to the Museum are due by March 23, 2016.

Our Birthday Celebrations for the month of March will be at 11:45 a.m on March 29, 2016. Please stop by and wish Anne C., Lisa J, Mark P., and Juan W. at that time.

Please mark your calender's and join us for our Annual Spring Picnic. Saturday April 9, 2016. 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Parent Tip of the Month: Together parents and teachers make a team. The year is about cooperation and trust. If something is affecting your child, let the teacher know. If you have concerns, share them.