Soaring to Skyview

A transition newsletter for 4th graders and their families

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This newsletter brought to you by Mrs. Volpe's 5th grade class

Pillars by Victor L. and Bobby G.

Have you ever wanted to know the main character traits you should have at school? The pillars are there to help you! In Skyview it is vital for you to remember these. Well you might be wondering what these pillars are. I’ll tell you…. they say trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship. The pillars also help you remember to have good character. Having good character can make you a much better person. Just think wherever you are in school always remember the pillars. The teachers will go over this with you when you get to school, so don’t worry!

“Be the change you want to see in the world” – Gandhi

“If you want a friend be a friend”

- Anonymous

Letter Days

Dear 4th Grader,

In Skyview, we have letter days. Letter days are Skyview’s way of scheduling. The letters are A, B, C, D, E, and F.

The first thing that letter days determine are your specials. They are art, gym, health, music, computers, and library. In computer literacy, you learn how to type without looking, how to use excel, and how to use features on the computer. You have health class twice a cycle. The rest of the days you have flex. Flex is a 30 minute class when you work on things that you didn’t finish, have centers, do Study Island, read, work in groups, write, and much more! The band days this year are C and F days. Orchestra is on A and D days. Chorus days are B and E days. That is pretty much all about letter days.

Good luck in Skyview next year!

By: Krisha, Hope, Yasmine, and Lola.

To do and not to do at Skyview

To Do


*Be respectful to teachers

*Help friends

*Get to know more people from other schools

*Be caring

*Choose your lunch table wisely

*Be nice to new people because

In your class you might not

Be with your friends from your last school

*Have fun!

Not to do


*don’t exclude your friends at lunch

*Don’t get mad about the lockers

*don’t get in lunch detention

*don’t act badly on the buses

By: Jack,Nathan,Jacob,and Bobby

Outdoor Education by Matthew and Victor

Have you ever been on a camping trip for school for two days? If you have never been….. this is the year! One of the things that you will be going to participate in 5th grade is Outdoor Ed. When you are at Outdoor Education, you will see a lot of cool things. You will get see animals, go on hikes, and do different activities. We think the best thing is sleeping in your own cabins away from your parents! The beds are comfortable, so you will get a good sleep and be ready for the next day. The play court has many different sports including Gaga, basketball, soccer, tennis, etc. The food there is scrumptious. The people that run the camp are very nice and funny. I hope you are looking forward to this camping trip next year in 5th grade.

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