The Warrior Diet

Created by Ori Hofmekler

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The name come from historic “warrior”, in order to succeed in the environment of the time, had a need to cycle between undereating during the day (when physical activity and danger were always present), and overeating at night (when able to rest and eat a good daily meal).

Modern humans in a changed environment can therefore restore health and fitness, by returning to that cycle with the Warrior Diet.


The Warrior Diet program is specifically designed to

  1. Force the body to detoxify
  2. Improve utilization of fat as fuel
  3. Improve utilization of carb as fuel

Boost your overall metabolic rate, then loosing more fat

How it works??

The ANS has 3 parts -

  • The sympathetic nervous system (SNS) which kicks in when emergencies occur, causing stress and requiring us to “fight” or take “flight” (flee)
  • The parasympathetic nervous system (PSNS) which operates in normal or nonemergency times, allowing us to “rest” and “digest”
  • The enteric nervous system (ENS), present in all vertebrates, which regulates the normal digestive activity of the digestive system and prepares it for whatever is coming, whether a meal or a frantic energy-sapping physical activity
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Under Eating Phase

Undereating phase of the Warrior Diet is supposed to prepare and alert the SNS to potential stress, resulting in the generation of energy and ultimately the burning of fat. While undereating, the body is forced to use fat storage as a source of fuel for maximum metabolic efficiency – thus promoting weight-loss.


The overeating phase of the Warrior Diet recognizes the role of the PSNS in regulating digestion, elimination and other metabolic activities that slow you down. Eating during the day stops this process and blocks the body’s ability to remove toxins and waste from the body. Since detoxification is imperative for health and to delay aging, eating occurs mainly at night.

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