Rejoice! Christmas is upon us!

- greetings from the Wells

So, when someone asks

“What did you get for Christmas?”

How do you respond?

Do you mentally edit the list,

Eliminating the unimpressive,

Maintaining the unique and valuable?

Or, do you see that question as an

Open door?

A chance to step beyond

The threshold of decorated things

To testify of the

Eternal gift

That began it all?


What did you get for Christmas?


Here's a bit of what the year held for the Wells family:

Raymond - Continues his role as elementary librarian in the day, and college adjunct speech teacher a couple nights a week. And, another year, another play. This time it was the role of Deputy Govenor Danforth in The Crucible. Hopefully, memorizing lines helps put off... you know...that disease that makes you not remember stuff... Uh-oh.

Teri - She decided to take a college course on Anatomy & Physiology this fall. Although it didn't apply to her work as a massage therapist as much as she'd hoped, she did manage to completely wreck the point curve for less dedicated students.

Wisteria - She is halfway through her Junior year at North Texas. She spent most of the summer in Santa Cruz, CA, working with a CRU team (that's Campus Crusade for the older audience). Quite an experience. She continues as a dorm RA, but interviewed and was a summer internship with Pepsico. Mom and dad are overflowing with pride!

Travels - We spent a week outside Chattanooga, last spring, in a cabin on the Ocoee River. Gorgeous. In the summer, while Wisteria was in CA, we picked up Teri's mom and headed off for Nashville (to visit the Abels), Atlanta (to visit all the area Weyers, Newells, Davis), the Outer Banks of NC (to see all the Moffitt clan we've missed for so long) and, finally, Jeckyll Island, GA (to visit the Hooks). It was a grand trip full of family love.