Castleburg Brewery Update

March 24, 2016

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OMG, so much has happened since our last newsletter.

  • Plumbing-Rough In Inspections are complete. Final Inspections should be scheduled soon.
  • Gas-Rough In Inspections are complete. Final inspections should be scheduled soon. The city has to set a new, larger, gas meter.
  • Electrical-Rough in inspections are complete. Final inspections should be scheduled soon.
  • Building Inspections-Wall & ceiling inspections are complete. The wall have been buttoned up, and we are starting the final finish work.
  • Drink rails are being put up
  • The front of the bar should be complete soon.
  • The walk-in Cooler is up and running.

We have penciled in an opening date of......nah, not gonna put it on here, because then you all will get your hopes up. We keep running into road blocks and if we put that date out there in the universe, then you know what will happen. Just know that we are working as hard as possible to get the doors open!

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Awesome Tap Handles

Thanks Mike Crowley!

Logo behind the Bar

Our friend, Audrey, put the Castleburg Logo up on the wall behind the bar! She has her own Etsy business too. She makes the cutest cards. Go check them out!

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Castleburg's Graphic Artist - Holly

Holly has been hard at work creating artwork for the 3 Flagship Beers. This is a peek of the artwork for Castleburg Cream Ale. We love it! Great job Holly!
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Kickstarter Rewards

Okay....if you haven't picked up your rewards, you're gonna have to come get them NOW! Seriously, we love that you loved us enough to contribute to the cause, but please come and pick up your rewards. Space is limited in the brewery and we need every square inch of space.
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Surveys on our Facebook Page

We decided to ask a few questions of people on Facebook about breweries. Here is one of the questions, and the answers. Very good feedback that will be taken into consideration.

Question: What would you like to see at Castleburg Brewery that you don't see at other breweries....or you do see at other breweries and you want us to do the same?

One thing I saw done at a brewery in Colorado was that they gave every guest a token when they came in that was good for a small flight (4 - 2oz samplers add I recall). The twist was they had several charity jars near the register that you drop the token in to redeem it. Then they would make a donation to the charities based on the number of tokens each received. They did it everyday from what I recall, but having it as a night once a week or month to give to local charity would be nice.

1) A few comfortable indoor seating areas (like the leather couches at Isley's or Garden Grove).
2) A mug club (like Legends where they're full 16oz and they keep them onsite. NOT a 12oz or where you have to bring them with you.)
3) Board/Card/Table games. And free foosball (like Garden Grove) if possible. Darts (like COTU) if possible.
4) Outdoor seating (back deck or front patio) if possible.
5) Stripper poles. (Just kidding.)

Small pours, comfy chairs, small bags of pretzels or other snack food, like they have at COTU.

Food trucks, good ones! Flights, small pours, staff that knows the products,

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Where can you find us?

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Yes, yes, we know...the website is a mess right now. We're gonna work on that! Give us a little time to update it.

Easter on Parade 2016

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Please don't do this.....savor your beer